Concep Services

  • Email Marketing

Concep empowers B2B businesses with a multi-functional email marketing platform that was designed to help them build their campaigns with ease, having all the tools and support they need to succeed. The platform features a convenient emails builder that allows you to craft professional and fully customizable templates quickly and with literally no effort.

  • Content Automation

Another great tool offered by Concep is called ALERT and it enables you to automate the content you deliver. The tool enables your contacts to choose what kind of content they want to get, and also choose when and how they want to get it.

  • Concep for Microsoft Dynamics 365

This solution is designed to enable businesses to boost the relevancy of their communications and capture data with ease. The tool gives you a 360 outlook on your contacts, thus, giving deeper analytics and greater flexibility.

  • Concep for Interaction

An integrated marketing platform, Concep SEND, is there to help you gain a full suite of digital communication tools for seamless content automation, email campaigns, reporting, and event registration.

  • Preference Management

One more service offered by Concep is aimed at helping you retain your subscribers and boost their engagement through effective and simple preference management.

  • Data Protection Bundles

Data is one of the most crucial assets of every B2B business and Concep gives you the opportunity to manage it wisely. Data Protection Bundles are there to help you gain more control over data, meanwhile protecting it and ensuring greater accountability.

  • Webinar Platform Integrations

Finally, one more solution offered by Concept is Webinar Platform Integrations. This service makes it possible for businesses to automatically synchronize data between their CRMs and webinar software.

Concep Pricing

One thing all new customers should love about Concep is that the agency offers a demo version to let you test run its services and decide whether you want to purchase or not. However, apart from this one fact, everything else related to Concep pricing is a huge secret.

When you go to the company’s site to check out what it offers, you can find quite a lot of information about the services and guarantees offered by this marketing agency. However, when it comes to Concep pricing, it is not even being mentioned on the site. Thus, there is absolutely no other way to learn the details other than contact the agency directly. Luckily, there are several contact options, so everyone can choose something to suit their needs.

Concep Review

Although the agency is operating since 2002, which is almost 20 years, to our surprise, we didn’t find even one Concep review on the site. There is no separate page with testimonials and even no reviews shared on the home page. So, in case you are wondering what experiences other clients had with this agency, you will need to take some time to research this.

First of all, we tried to find an unbiased Concep review on such platforms as Clutch, G2, and other independent platforms that share real customers’ reviews about different companies. But, unfortunately, even when we managed to find pages dedicated to Concep, there were literally no reviews.

After long and tedious research, we managed to find some testimonials, though not too many. Based on what we managed to find, the opinions about the agency’s services vary. There are some clients who are very happy with the services it delivers. But, there are also those who don’t recommend Concep to others.

Information obtained from publicly accessible sources. Any data interpretation is our opinion.