eFocus Marketing Services

  • Strategic Consulting

One of the major points of focus for eFocus Marketing is helping businesses gain valuable insights and optimize their B2B email marketing strategies for success. To make this real, the team of experts from eFocus Marketing is offering professional email marketing strategy services, designed to help you overcome the barriers and get the best results from your campaigns.

  • Campaign Management

Another type of service available to you at eFocus Marketing is professional email marketing campaign management and implementation. This service is designed to help you streamline your marketing efforts, meanwhile delivering consistently high ROIs.

  • Email Design

Apart from email marketing consulting and management, the team of eFocus Marketing also offers a number of great creative services to help businesses design their emails with no effort. The agency’s specialists are proficient in designing all types of email elements, including optimized subject lines, navigation menus, email polls/surveys, and others.

  • Email Marketing Copywriting

The contents of your emails, as well as the CTAs, play by far the largest role in the success of your campaigns. The team of eFocus Marketing can create high-quality and attention-grabbing email marketing copy that will captivate your readers and encourage them to take an action.

  • Email Marketing Training

For those who don’t want to stop there, eFocus Marketing has one more offer. The agency’s experts offer to leverage their vast expertise and years of experience to boost your own knowledge and skills in email marketing. Thus, if you were looking for effective email marketing courses, then eFocus Marketing might be the right destination for you.

eFocus Marketing Pricing

As it happens often among email marketing agencies, eFocus Marketing pricing is not being disclosed. To our disappointment, there is no page dedicated to the company’s pricing and the external resources also don’t provide any real info about how much it costs to use the services of eFocus Marketing.

The only thing you can find out about eFocus Marketing pricing from the agency’s website is the cost of its online email marketing course, which is £149 + VAT. However, when it comes to the rest of the services and prices for them, to get the details, you will have to call or chat with the company’s reps and request a quote calculated based on your business’s needs and requirements.

eFocus Marketing Review

If you are hoping to learn more about this agency from reading an objective eFocus Marketing review, you can discover plenty of testimonials on the agency’s website. First of all, there is a separate page called Client Reviews that is completely dedicated to the company’s reviews. And, there are also some testimonials shared here and there on different pages of the site.

Nevertheless, it is not quite clear whether it is worth trusting the customer reviews posted on the agency’s website itself. After all, not many brands are being transparent in terms of testimonials. Many tend to share only positive or even fake reviews to create an illusion of a flawless reputation.

If you search for an eFocus Marketing review outside the site, you will stumble into a number of issues. Mainly, there are just not too many opinions about this company shared on the web. However, among the reviews we managed to find, many were positive, but, at the same time, there are some negative testimonials too.

Information obtained from publicly accessible sources. Any data interpretation is our opinion.