S&G Services

  • Video

One of the primary focus points of S&G is video marketing. The company promises to create unique video content that will help you tell your brand’s story and engage your audience. The company’s video marketing services span every stage of commercial production from concept and ideation to distribution.

  • Custom Content

Apart from video creation, the team of S&G can also generate lots of great written content that will help you boost your traffic organically by delivering real value to your potential customers. Some types of content you can request from S&G include case studies, blog posts, white papers, news releases, and much more.

  • Content Amplification

In order to help you build up brand recognition and expand your outreach, the team of S&G offers professional content amplification services. This type of service is designed to help businesses distribute their content across a wide range of channels and, thus, reach a wider audience.

  • PR & Media Outreach

Apart from the other services mentioned earlier, the S&G team also helps businesses scale by delivering effective PR and media outreach services. These services include building an effective public relations strategy, crafting a winning media pitch, enhancing your brand’s media outreach, ensuring better media coverage, and much more.

S&G Pricing

What about S&G pricing? Unfortunately, the company’s website doesn’t specify any details. All you can find on the website are some general statements promising that the company will provide you with top-quality services at a reasonable price. But, there are no facts to prove these statements.

The only way to request more information about S&G pricing is to submit a contact form and request a quote. Once you do this, one of the S&G’s managers will contact you, answer all your questions, and provide you with all the additional details you are interested in.

S&G Review

If you are wondering what people say about this company and the quality of its work, you can first look at the S&G review section on the home page of the company’s site. You won’t find too many reviews here, but these should be enough to help you make the first impression.

Nevertheless, to see the big picture, you should also look for an S&G review outside the company’s website, as the testimonials on the site can be rather biased.

One place to check out real customer testimonials is Clutch. Here you will find 19 reviews with an overall company rating of 4.9 stars out of 5. Though the rating is high, the rate of customer satisfaction isn’t that great as there are also clients who remained dissatisfied with the provided services.

Information obtained from publicly accessible sources. Any data interpretation is our opinion.