6sense Review: an AI Platform for ABM

6sense is an AI-driven platform that helps companies find relevant B2B leads. It also allows to group collected contacts according to specific attributes and advertise to them. So, this software fills in your pipeline with qualified leads. It probably won't give you the same results as outsourcing B2B lead generation services, but this tool is practical and worth trying. 

6sense analyzes traffic to your website and thousands of B2B web pages belonging to its partners. Each visitor is treated as a separate account. And then, they’re categorized according to their buying journey stage. And from this 6sense review, you'll learn more about the services, features, pricing policy, and affiliate program of this account-based (ABM) marketing platform. 


About 6sense Company

The 6sense company was launched in 2013 in California with the legal name 6sense Insights, Inc. Now it also has offices in the UK and India. And on May 11, 2022, this entity joined the Forbes 50 list of North American companies that creatively and effectively apply AI technologies. It leverages the synergy of big data, machine learning (ML), and AI algorithms for its revenue-predictive model.

The platform has raised $426 million during the eight 6sense funding rounds. The total number of its investors is 19, and the Series E investment of $200 million was made by Blue Owl and MSD Partners in January 2022. 

With the help of 6sense services, sales teams can identify the buying signals from interested customers and reach them out immediately with relevant offers. Marketers claim that this platform is one of the most effective sales tools to ensure predictable revenue growth for a company. That's because sixth sense marketing features work excellently. Find out more in the video overview:

6sense video overview

6sense Pricing

You won't find 6sense pricing plans on its website because it has a personalized approach to each customer. So, there's no free trial or freemium version to check how your revenue performance may change due to this instrument or any 6sense lifetime deal. Instead, you can schedule a demo to see it in action. 6sense company offers three formats of demos: personal, group, and recorded. 

The personalized arrangement allows potential customers to walk through the most helpful features. Moreover, you can check 6sense integrations, which will streamline your workflow. During the group demo, 6sense sales managers show everyday use cases and run a Q&A session. 

6sense Features 

6sense changes the approach to lead generation, nurturing, and conversion, allowing to target potential customers with the right ad at the right time. But what exactly makes the 6sense platform stand out? Let's check some of its features together. So, 6sense instrument:

  • Segments your potential buyers. 6sense allows you to customize segments with various criteria. So, marketers can combine filters with specific website page visits, data about deals registered in the compatible software, top-rated hot leads, etc., to create their own customer groups.
  • Collects data about warm leads. This platform uses AI and ML to analyze your website visitors' behavior and complete it with information received through its partners. This way, you get a B2B sales leads database and instruments to communicate those warm leads effectively. 
  • Alerts about account activities. Once one of your potential buyers captured by the 6sense shows increased research activity, your salespeople can get immediate notifications. The automatically generated messages can land in their email boxes or Slack chats.
  • Offers on-demand webinars. The 6sense platform shares helpful tips about using its tool to grow sales opportunities. It also co-runs online events and discussions with top specialists of its tech partners and demonstrates how to make the most out of the 6sense API solutions and integrations. 

Top Executive

Jason Zintak

Main services
  • Contact Data Availability
  • Data Synchronization
  • Market Insights
  • Lead Analysis
  • Segmentation
  • Predictive Scoring
  • Lead Management
  • CRM Integration
Customers Served
Free trial

6sense Details

Company address: San Francisco, CA
Founded in: 2013

6sense Support 

6sense support teams work 24/7 to answer your phone calls. Also, this platform boasts a comprehensive web resource for helping users called Customer Dojo. It allows submitting tickets with issues you encounter and tracking their progress on the go.

If you like the self-study format, feel free to browse explanatory articles on various topics. And for phone call lovers, the company’s support team receives calls by the number (800) 408-4254.

6sense Review: Pros and Cons

From this section of our 6sense review, you'll learn about this tool's key benefits and drawbacks. 



  • It offers three ad campaign types. Users have two advertising options for the demand-side platforms. They can choose the Display campaigns to demonstrate their offers to all potentially interested users or use the Retargeting option to reach their website visitors. The third ad type launches external (LinkedIn and Facebook) campaigns. 
  • It helps to align teams. Due to this platform, marketers and sales reps have the same instrument to monitor the customer journey of each potential client. They also can plan for the next steps together, segment the audience, and launch personalized campaigns. Moreover, both teams' members can effectively communicate at each collaboration stage.
  • It has superb customer support. Having responsive customer service is critical nowadays because ignoring users' needs makes them leave for your competitors. But 6sense's support agents brilliantly deal with various inquiries and problems their users face. It helps B2B companies have a continuous and effective lead generation process.
  • There are issues with CRM integrations. A few reviews proved that people encountered minor problems with 6sense's compatibility. Some users couldn't finalize the configuration and had to contact the help desk for advice. 
  • Dashboards are overloaded with details. Some users reported seeing too many details on their 6sense's dashboards. This blurred the focus on critical information and complicated decision-making.

6sense Affiliate Program

You can become an Agency and Service Partner through the 6sense affiliate program. This partnership will let your clients benefit from the streamlined lead generation process. They'll be able to effectively target proposals with the predictive in-market model's classifications. High accuracy of the results will let your clients grow conversion rates and boost revenue performance. 

You'll need to initiate a chatbot talk on the platform's website to check all the terms and conditions of becoming the 6sense service provider. Hundreds of top-notch companies like HubSpot, Salesforce, and MySQL share the 6sense tool's ecosystem.

6sense Agency or Service Partner Program

Bottom Line: 6sense In a Nutshell

6sense is a top-notch AI-powered software that accurately estimates sales opportunities and identifies the intent of your website visitors. This platform offers integrations with famous tech tools marketers use to generate leads. So, you can leverage its ML, AI, and big data algorithms to identify interested users and reach out to potential buyers with a timely offer. 


  • Is 6sense legit?

Yes, it is. 6sense was founded in 2013. By 2022, this company has taken on board 1,000+ people. Currently, it's considered one of the best employers in the USA, boasting 4.7 out of 5.0 points on Glassdoor. And 6sense's CEO Jason Zintak says that the company can soon go public but hasn't mentioned the exact date. 

  • What is 6sense used for? 

This platform can align sales, marketing, and revenue teams to create multichannel, personalized ad campaigns. Its behavioral datasets improve the customer experience at all stages to continuously convert the pipeline.

  • How does 6sence work?

6sense revenue AI platform can predict which users are ready to buy from you soon, analyzing billions of interactions with your website and web resources of partners. 

  • Who are 6sense competitors?

You can consider RollWorks, ZoomInfo Sales OS, or Demandbase as the 6sense alternative. 

  • How much does 6sense cost?

The company doesn't have pre-set pricing solutions for new customers. Maybe some 6sense reviews share this information, but you'll need to contact a sales manager to discuss your quote. 

  • Can I integrate 6sense with Salesforce?

This platform can easily integrate with Salesforce CRM and Pardot as the solution for automating marketing activities. Moreover, 6sense API lets you integrate this tool into your tech stack to increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts and monitor real-time engagements. Outreach, People.ai, Bombora, and G2, are only a few of 6sense's technology partners. 

  • What is the 6sense ABM platform?

The account-based marketing platform from 6sense shares valuable marketing insights with B2B companies as it identifies the buyer journey stage of engaged users and allows them to create catchy ads to win more deals.

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