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Store Your Data in One Place

Not only will your information be safely stored in one place, but it will be categorized according to your specific needs. 

Intent Information

With 6sense, you will be able to find out about the accounts that are more susceptible to your solutions. It will show you the buying signals (both known and anonymous) on the 1st and 3rd-party websites.

Get Accurate Account Data

You will get the most precise account data if you learn to transform the buying signals coming from known and unknown accounts.

Make Precise Predictions

6sense will allow you to make predictions of the future campaign and sales results. They will be much more precise than the ones you might have made without this software since it is AI-based. Tailor the platform’s best features to your company’s needs; for instance, integrate them with your buyer persona’s profile. You will be able to receive comprehensive marketing data that can be used to improve future outcomes. Furthermore, it is also possible to get valuable sales insights in order to meet your long-term objectives. 

Digital Campaigns

Make the most of LinkedIn or DSP ads integration to increase your outreach and automate it. Make sure to customize each message and select the right channels to convey it. Use the CRM to enrich your emails and calls with up-to-date information in order to build smooth communication with your audience. 

Company Pricing

No data on 6sense pricing is provided online. 

Company Review

Almost every 6sense review that we found online is positive, saying that the company provides outstanding services that truly help businesses find more business leads. People especially like the segmentation feature allowing them to filter account data according to specific criteria, such as users’ behaviour and various attributes. Additionally, the company's clients find its AI solutions very powerful. They admit that these solutions have helped them enrich their customer database with high-quality leads whose intentions have been carefully analyzed. There are almost no negative reviews about 6sense on the Internet.

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RingLead Inc. is a well-known company providing excellent solutions to businesses of all sizes. For instance, it has helped a few Fortune 500 companies orchestrate their data with the latest cloud solutions. Discover, clean, protect, enhance, segment, score, and route your CRM and marketing automation data. RingLead also works with medium-sized enterprises and small firms, finding, protecting, and categorizing their data. The company is also good at data enhancement.

Integrate Demand Cloud

Integrate Demand Cloud is a top-notch solution that aims to provide B2B clients with precise top-of-funnel data to boost business performance. It accelerates revenue generation by validating and standardizing prospect data and centralizing top-of-funnel demand channels. Your SDRs will close much more deals once you start collaborating with Integrate Demand Cloud. The company is good at amplifying sales efforts and making the most of your campaigns. It ensures a wide range of excellent solutions that perfectly fit into the modern B2B market. Of course, there exist certain impediments on the way to success, especially in times of the global pandemic, but Integrate Demand Cloud seems to cope really well, offering top-notch marketing orchestration software. Not only does it collect your prospects’ data, but it also seamlessly integrates it with a variety of CRM systems. Therefore, your marketing team will be able to easily scale the pipeline and generate more revenue.

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