Company Services

Build an Effective Lead Generation System

Create a system that will help you to generate more worthwhile business leads and referrals by implementing sound solutions. Find your target customers and schedule more appointments by personalizing your campaigns and sending timely follow-ups in line with your recipients’ preferences. 

Never miss another opportunity, having missed your best follow-up time! Artificial intelligence (AI) the company's applying will help you determine the most convenient time for your audience to read your emails. This will increase the likelihood of great delivery and open rates. And if someone wants to unsubscribe, BuzzBuilder will automatically provide them with such an option.

Apply Predictive Lead Scoring 

Use the company's best AI-based solutions to figure out whether you're website visitors are likely to buy from you. Such an approach will allow you to sort out the candidates who aren't intending to make a purchase and focus on your most interested business sales leads.

Match Your Prospects Lists With ICP 

No more client chasing with BuzzBuilder! The company will make sure that your targeted leads comply with your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) so that you no longer need to apply the “hunt and peck” approach. 

Automate Your Processes

Automate as many processes taking in your company as you can to streamline the efficiency. Indeed, you should not be wasting precious time on managing every step of your campaigns. BuzzBuilder will take this burden off your shoulders, which is going to save you up to 5 hours per week or even more. 

Personalize Your Outreach

Create unique email campaigns tailored to your customers’ needs. BuzzBuilders will allow you to customize each aspect of your campaign, making about sound as personal as possible. Your target clients’ needs, desires and pain points will be properly addressed with a plethora of useful tips and tools available on the platform. Using these features, you will be able to warm up your existing database or create interest in your services among the new prospects.

Company Pricing

The information about the company's pricing policy hasn't been revealed on their website, so you should call them to find out about the actual prices.

Company Review

Even inexperienced users feel like a list builder pro with this modern platform having the rating of 4.5 on G2. Artificial intelligence, automated processes, fantastic features, and a great support team make BuzzBuilder a responsible business partner. We found it hard to discover negative reviews since there aren't many, but we managed to learn that the platform lacks contact segmentation.

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