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Get Top-Quality Leads

Enhance your outreach with top-notch data — get contacts of your most relevant customers and fulfill your business needs faster and more efficiently. The platform suggests only verified human prospects who are potentially interested in cooperation. 

Gain Valuable Insights

Make your outreach even more personalized with the insights provided by the platform. It will suggest valuable pieces of advice regarding interactions with your users. This includes the most appropriate time to reach out, as well as some triggers motivating particular groups of customers to make a purchase.

Enrich Your Lead Data

Get a great ROI from your marketing investments by applying wise tips suggested by CloudLead. First, put remarketing to good use to make the most of the initial efforts that you've put into attracting your audience’s attention. Second, improve your inbound marketing with enriched verticals, implementing the crucial insights. Such an approach will allow you to create top-quality B2B lead lists that will bring you the desired results.  

Clear Your Database

Did you know that every year, 22.5% of your leads change an occupation, relocate, and make other changes in their careers, which labels their previous addresses as “expired”? Therefore, you should get rid of the outdated contacts that are no longer valid. 

The data you will get from CloudLead contains only relevant information since the data is aggregated from social sources in real time. Moreover, the company guarantees 100% verification and puts the addresses through spam filters. All the domains and SMTP protocols are also checked.

Benefit from Lead Qualification

Conduct precise lead scoring to define the hottest business leads who should be addressed first. It is possible to identify them using the company’s prominent features matching your website visitors with your ideal customer profile. All of them will also be double-checked regarding their current email and phone number. Such an approach will significantly increase your ROI since data accuracy plays an important role in creating good-quality B2B lead lists; what is more, you can customize your search criteria according to the specific needs of your company.

Company Pricing

3 plans are currently available on the company’s website (Starter, Growth, Professional.) Nevertheless, no prices have been revealed whatsoever.

Company Review

CloudLead has 5 stars out of 5 on G2, which is an incredible score. Customers truly love this platform for being a cost-effective, efficient solution to solve their numerous problems. It is possible to pull essential business lead data that leverages business processes in the long run. Moreover, the company's customer support works miracles for users who need an urgent solution. The support team seems to respond very quickly and provides great tips on how to fix a particular issue. Furthermore, the platform itself suggests valuable pieces of advice and how to bring your business to the next level.

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