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Empower Your Sales Team

Find the best prospects for your company and make sure to contact them whenever they are ready to make a purchase. Cognism’s clients are able to see the contacts and select the ones that are suitable for a particular campaign. The platform also allows SDRs to go back to the profiles of individuals they've already contacted in order to refresh that information about them and come up with a highly personalized offer.

Qualify Your Leads More Precisely

Cognism allows for a more precise identification of your potential customers’ quality. Find out whether they are likely to buy from you or are just wandering around.

Make the Most of Intelligent Sequencing

This feature will allow you to create pipelines more quickly. Apply multi-channel activity to use more opportunities and boost conversions.

Enjoy Full CRM Integration

It is possible to transfer all of your data into the CRM, update stale information, and enhance your workflows with new data.

Boost Your Marketing Efforts

You will get profound marketing insights into your B2B clients’ behaviour and will be able to enhance your targeting and outreach and create smarter campaigns. What is more, Cognism will allow you to reach your customers across multiple channels, including Facebook and LinkedIn. Additionally, you can enhance the visibility of your emails using fresh data.

Company Pricing

No information on the company's pricing policy is currently available.

Company Review

Cognism has 4.4 out of 5 stars, which means that the company has a good reputation among its customers. Indeed, people like it because it is user-friendly and has an intuitive interface.  

Some customers admit that they enjoyed the experience with the company's customer support that addressed their queries quickly and effectively.

Cognism has helped many people to significantly improve campaigns and, as a result, enhance their overall communication strategies. The company's clients are happy to admit that they started succeeding in lead nurturing, not only in b2b lead generation. Their customers are eager to come back to their website for more purchases since marketers make their experience pleasant. They make sure that customers’ needs are always met, and that each offer is up-to-date and in line with the most appropriate sales cadence.

As for the dislikes, some people wish it was possible to cap the number of contacts to set an upper limit. Such an approach would help to avoid browsing the information you aren’t going to use in the future. It would also eliminate the necessity to go back and forth to the given allowance.

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