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Diffbot collects approximately 90% of the public web, crawling and structuring it. This database will allow you to cover extensive head entity and long-tail firmographic data and acquire coverage of 2Discover relationships between various types of entities.

Use Knowledge Graph

The platform’s Knowledge Graph represents the biggest contextual database on the planet. You will find more than 10 billion entities there, such as people, products, organizations, articles, etc. It is possible to learn any necessary “facts” available online with lightning speed with this feature. 

Enhance Your Interactions

Create comprehensive data profiles and use the information about your prospects and existing clients to create personalized messages. Diffbot Enhance will allow you to put such data to good use and access it whenever you want to launch or monitor a campaign.

Apply Web Parsing Technologies

The latest technologies will help you to get the most recent information, especially given that with data extraction APIs, you can point them at a predefined list of web properties. As a result, you will be able to receive regular updates on e-commerce listings, start a discussion in the comments, see all of your brand mentions and observe other kinds of data on numerous websites.

Company Pricing

Diffbot has a free trial option for 14 days that costs nothing. You can also purchase one of the packages matching your business needs. For instance, the basic Startup package will cost you $299 per month, while the Plus package is much more expensive ($899/mo). There is also a custom pricing option for the Enterprise package that is calculated based on your specific requirements. 

Company Review

Diffbot review rating on G2 can’t but surprise us — it is 5 stars out of 5! Companies can rarely boast about such results, so Diffbot has definitely put in lots of time and effort to create such an excellent reputation. The company is so much loved by its customers because it provides incredible APIs and other essential services. Its technological solutions meet the strictest requirements and open limitless possibilities before users. 

People appreciate the fact that the data supplied by Diffbot is constantly updated; it’s in line with ever-evolving social media and essential web tools. Customer support is also very helpful, suggesting sound solutions to numerous problems without regard to their difficulty.  

We haven’t found any negative reviews, but we managed to find some valuable suggestions provided by the company’s clients. They mostly include improving social media integration features and a set of other important features that have a direct impact on the overall results.

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