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IQBlade services are usually associated with data-driven tech channel intelligence. Not only does the platform help to analyze the market by applying thousands of reliable data sources but also to create demand for your services. Here are the most prominent features offered by this outstanding SaaS solution. 

Segment Your Audience

Divide your audience into segments in order to create more personalized messages for them. You will be able to better understand their specific needs and come up with the most suitable offer to fulfill them. Additionally, your SDRs will use more growth opportunities by receiving snippets of intelligence informing them about the most recent developments.

Use Advanced Search

Select the right business leads and business partners for your business with the help of the intelligent search feature. Apply performance analysis to find out more about their interests, financial situation, competency, and current accreditations.

Make the Most Out of Your Efforts

Identify your potential customers’ intentions by applying the suggestions from IQBlade. It will help you to sort your prospects according to various criteria, such as location, job title, the technology they are using, their budget, etc. With IQBlade, you will be able to grow your network and nurture your existing customers and prospects so that they never stop getting benefits from your content. 

Apply Social Media Analysis

The platform allows for a profound performance analysis involving social media, so you can not only track your leads’ behavior to understand how your potential clients think and act but also reveal the major trends in your industry. 

Company Pricing

No data is available regarding IQBlade’s prices on the Web.

Company Review

IQBlade boasts a remarkable 5-star rating on G2, and it has a plethora of positive reviews on other platforms, too. Users truly appreciate its services, allowing them to get in-depth insights into their audience’s preferences, behavioral patterns, and buying intentions. People also find it much easier to segment their audiences based on the criteria provided by the platform that can also be customized to meet particular business needs. As a result, many businesses were able to find a high-quality business to business leads and partners and significantly increase their revenue.

Furthermore, IQBlade allows numerous professionals to launch highly personalized campaigns and receive valuable feedback to further improve them. Experts claim that the platform is highly flexible and responsive. It is constantly updated, and the support team is quick to provide sound solutions to the queries, no matter how challenging they seem at first.

We couldn't find any negative reviews, but we managed to discover certain wishes submitted by the platform’s users. They don't particularly like limited time-frame allowance; nevertheless, they understand that it’s necessary to maintain the high quality of the data. All in all, IQBlade is constantly evolving, taking its users’ feedback into account, and this strategy justifies its high ratings.

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