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Find High-Quality Leads

LeadFuse applies the latest tools based on artificial intelligence to collect the data, so you will get up-to-date information on the company. All the emails, phone numbers, and other essential data have been verified and updated, so there is no risk of getting low-quality contacts. All in all, you will have access to over 10 million companies and 500 million social profiles. 

Boost Your Sales

Your SDRs will love the list-building automation feature offered by LeadFuze since it saves so much time. Your sales team can focus on more important tasks while the tool does the “dirty work.” Moreover, the company provides hyper-targeted b2b sales lead searches, so your SDRs and marketers will be able to do a profound research and gather the essential information. What’s even more pleasant is that most parts of the research are automated. Finally, it is possible to integrate all the data you have with the CRM and apply workflow tools selectively, whenever you need them. No duplicates whatsoever!

Enhance Your Campaigns

With LeadFuze, you can personalize your outreach as much as possible. This includes enhancing your calls and making your business emails more targeted. Customize your materials in order to catch your audience’s attention and keep it for a long time. Additionally, you can collect valuable feedback and improve your future campaigns by implementing the necessary changes.

Hire Candidates Faster

The platform is great not only to generate business leads but also to find excellent matches for your jobs. Search for skilled candidates using LeadFuze who are actively looking for a job. Furthermore, you can select the individuals who are currently unemployed or are not looking for a new job at the moment. Thus, you can select a proper strategy, depending on your goals.

Company Pricing

LeadFuze pricing policy begins with a package that costs $132.30 per month. You won’t find a free version on their website; nevertheless, you can put a free trial to good use to get to know the company's services better.

Company Review

Having 4.6 stars out of 5, LeadFuze can boast a perfect reputation. People share great testimonials saying that they would recommend this company to their business partners. 

The secret is popularity lies in its efficiency LeadFuze is incredibly helpful in finding great prospects by using precise filtering. This process doesn't take much time and allows for easy integration between the platform and other kinds of sales and marketing software. The company's clients like the opportunity to focus on revenue generation, while LeadFuze does the research. 

As for negative reviews, they are difficult to find. The ones that we were able to access say something about an inconvenient interface, but the company is constantly updating it, so it's not a big problem.

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Netline Corporation

Netline Corporation offers comprehensive solutions to its numerous B2B clients across the world. First, it provides advanced lead generation services that help to acquire excellent prospects with lightning speed. Second, Netline technologies allow for powerful content promotion via syndication. Furthermore, the platform is also good at generating various marketing solutions to enhance the ROI. The company applies only the first-party data and provides a plethora of content-targeting possibilities to attract the right leads and keep them engaged with the company’s materials. With Netline Corporation, you can build a well-thought targeting approach based on the suggestions from the market leaders that have been carefully collected by the company’s professionals.


Metadata.io is a trustworthy platform created by B2B marketers, so it offers the latest proven solutions that work well in this industry. It has a patented AI engine that provides a high degree of automation to deal with mundane and repetitive tasks. The company is really good at analyzing your ideal customer profile (ICP) and selecting the right kind of audience according to it. Furthermore, Metadata is able to distinguish between a qualified lead and a person who is never going to purchase anything from your website. The platform allows for the creation of highly personalized campaigns and monitoring their efficiency on a regular basis. Metadata helps decision-makers create incredibly comprehensive lead lists and demand generation programs. You can be sure that you will definitely know what drives revenue since you will be fully equipped with powerful analytics.

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