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Acquire Useful Contacts

Enrich your prospect lists with new emails that have been carefully selected and verified by LeadLeaper. Paste your query into a convenient finder and enjoy quick results. You will not only get top-notch business leads, but the system will also automatically remember your previously discovered contacts to avoid duplicates or any kind of confusion. 

Analyze Your Users’ Behavior

It is possible to track your prospects by integrating LeadLeaper with such well-known platforms as SendGrid, Google G-Suite, and Microsoft Office 365. By doing so, you will create hundreds of customized emails and see your delivery and open rates, as well as the way your recipient interacts with your messages. You can easily add unsubscribe links, custom email signatures, and reusable email templates to make the interaction with the leads more meaningful. 

Company Pricing

Although LeadLeaper does not require a premium account to get things done, its packages include different options with different prices. You can get a Prospector package for $90, a ProspectorPlus for $110, and ProspectorPro for $125 per month, depending on your business needs.

Company Review

LeadLeaper is believed to be an effective email finder plugin to make good use of LinkedIn marketing. Having 4.4 stars out of 5 on G2, this tool is easy to use and can be applied even by non-tech-savvy people. It has a user-friendly interface and provides great contacts in an instant. What is more, this platform allows you to pull down multiple professional profiles simultaneously. Furthermore, you can create as many campaigns as you’d like without the fear that they will look too artificial. Many people match their inner creativity with a set of diverse personalization options and come up with excellent messages that boost their revenue. 

Some negative reviews are dedicated to certain difficulties associated with finding a particular individual or company. It is impossible to browse, for instance, a CEO of a corporation you are interested in. Therefore, this plugin is unsuitable for precise search, so if you need more accurate results, you should find another solution. At the same time, the company is doing its best to implement the best practices, so its search is likely to get more accurate in the near future.

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