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Maroon focuses on automating your marketing operations and upgrading your CRM system so that it works perfectly, bringing you more and more leads. What is more, the company makes great use of predictive analytics as it provides its clients with various essential classifications for them to find out the most profound context. The latter is crucial in improving your sales funnel quality. 

This SaaS platform provides the utmost user experience with its user-friendly interface and lots of handy features. They can be easily integrated with your existing operations and systems to get deep insights into your prospects’ behavioral patterns. It will help you enrich your leads lists with highly qualified prospects.

Here are the platform’s main functions:

- scoring leads and sorting them by different categories;

- segmenting prospects according to geographical location, target market, job title, etc.;

- revealing buyer intent and developing the right strategy;

- increasing personalization of each campaign;

- eliciting marketing insights via predictive analytics.

You can also choose this platform to manage risks; for instance, you can control VaR and significantly enhance profitability in your line of business. Make use of the open APIs and easy plug-n-play integrations, as well as flexible deployment models. Additionally, you will receive rolled-up risk assessment reports on a regular basis. You will also like a customizable visualization dashboard for credit analysis, exec management, and compliance teams. 

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Company Review

Maroon has 4.4 stars out of 5 on G2, so, in general, the company is in demand on the market today. Users like the platform’s convenient features, such as fast integration of their existing CRM system that starts working with lightning speed due to optimization. Indeed, a vast number of prospects come from different channels, especially when it comes to large businesses. Therefore, facilitating the CRM means significantly increasing the chances of acquiring more leads in a shorter time. 

Moreover, the identity resolution module is also quite impressive. It proved to work really well for certain groups of customers; for instance, one client of Maroon says that they hit up to 95% match rates with IR. The platform is also aligned with Infosec guidelines for SFDC and provides truly deep context, having incorporated the necessary features to execute non-linear prospect determination. 

As for the dislikes, they include a certain degree of dissatisfaction associated with the visibility of use cases to be used as a reference, insufficient human-centric predictive capabilities, and a delay in designing new models. What's even more frustrating, data transformation on the platform is limited to marketing-related attributes and does not imply account metrics and client data. Those are the main reasons why Maroon is losing a part of its customers who, nevertheless, secretly hope that the company will enhance its features during the upcoming releases.

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