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Prospect Direct provides highly convertible prospects that deliver game-changing results to any B2B lead generation company. 

Get Precisely Targeted Leads

It takes only a few minutes to acquire awesome prospects by searching the company’s global database of 405M contacts. You will get access to the audience that perfectly matches your ICP, which will allow you to create personalized messages addressing their biggest pain points and their strongest needs. Such an approach will save you lots of time that would be otherwise wasted on the prospects who don’t intend to buy anything from you. 

Get Hard-to-Reach Leads

The database will allow you to access the contacts that are difficult to reach, such as business owners and other decision-makers. The platform covers a variety of industries, so its clients usually manage to find exactly what they are looking for.

Impeccable Validation

The platform abides by strict data hygiene, so each address is thoroughly verified before it gets to the database. The prospect’s current job title and other essential details are checked, too. 

Company Pricing

No data on Prospect Direct Pricing is available anywhere on the Internet. 

Company Review

Prospect Direct has 5 stars out of 5 on G2, which is an excellent result. People truly appreciate its services helping them to find excellent customers for their business. The platform assists with finding the right people matching their ICPs, and the results are really great, taking their companies to the next level. 

Some customers claim that they had spent months before they found such a great solution and never regretted their choice. SDRs working in the IT niche were happy to acquire the contacts of decision-makers who are usually unavailable, and marketers were happy to create exciting email campaigns that were much more personalized than the ones without Prospect Direct’s help.  

In spite of the remarkable rating, we managed to find some negative reviews in other sources. Some people claim that the platform lacks certain data matching the needs of smaller businesses. Additionally, prices are adjusted to the records found on the platform, the only alternative to which is purchasing contact having full company fields populated. Nevertheless, the company is constantly improving its approaches and services, so these requirements will be met soon.

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