Company Services

The platform deals with the major challenges businesses come across while acquiring new leads and implementing their business growth strategies. 

Apply All-In-One Solution

PX tech serves as the basis for resolving numerous issues the platform’s subscribers face. For instance, it allows for enhanced navigation of client acquisition strategy. The company also helps decision-makers find incredible business partners, connecting the right people who have similar and understandable business goals. Additionally, marketing professionals get profound insights into the campaigns. The feedback they collect helps them improve their approaches and make their messages even more personalized. The strategies suggested by PX also facilitate the management of various sources more effectively.

Use PX Exchange

The company has created a radically transparent marketplace with more than 500 pre-vetted sources. You can find clients by applying the latest technology and the most modern tools to create awesome campaigns aligning them with your Ideal Customer Profile and different buyer persona categories. Your teams will be able to adjust their campaigns to the demands of their target audience, launch more precise email sequences, and track the efficiency. Your experts will have an opportunity to track prospects throughout the sales funnel, observing their behavior.

You can take advantage of the open-exchange by using PX Private Marketplace without the fear of a data breach. No direct connections get lost with PX, so you can be sure of your information safety 24/7. 

Enjoy Seamless Synchronization

Entrust PX with your data since this platform allows for smooth synchronization with your CRM and your most essential tools. Your contacts will be kept in the same place and categorized according to your target groups. You will be able to edit the information in real-time and download it on your device. Your lead scoring will also become more effective, as well as your lead tracking.

All in all, the platform’s users get tangible results from more precise lead qualification, targeting, and management. The networking opportunities also facilitate decision-making, which has a considerable impact on the company's ROI.

Company Pricing

The company’s website provides no data regarding its packages and prices. 

Company Review

PX has a good reputation among its customers due to its robust functionality that drives fantastic results. The platform’s users claim that business lead verification is at a high level, so they get great contacts matching their business needs. Furthermore, the solution has a significant impact on the teams’ performance, facilitating the workflow and allowing SDRs and other experts to focus on more important tasks. 

Some customers complain about the lack of options under the campaign settings section. They wish that those included day-parting, geo-targeting, etc.

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