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RingLead’s most prominent feature is seamless data orchestration which takes numerous forms. 

Data Cleansing and Automation 

First, the platform cleanses and automates data. It deduplicates, verifies, normalizes, enriches, routes, and segments data processes. Companies use these functions for efficient lead scoring and building up-to-date lists of qualified leads.

It is possible to prevent duplicates, normalize your data’s structure, provide detailed segmentation, mass delete any categories, mass update the information, link your business leads and personas to accounts, and dedupe contacts, accounts, etc.

Data Loss Prevention

You can be sure that your information is always protected. Don't put your company at risk of data loss — trust the platform that has gained a good reputation for keeping the data safe. Furthermore, the company prevents dirty data instead of spending too much time cleansing it after creation. You will also be able to organize your information and synchronize it with your essential tools and CRM. 

Data Enrichment

It is possible to enhance your internal systems and information ingestion process via smooth integration. It is possible to significantly improve your ROI by applying such a forward-looking strategy.

The DMS tool offered by RingLead provides much more customized solutions than the ones suggested by Salesforce and other popular platforms. With DMS, you will get regular alerts on duplicates and be able to get rid of them. At the same time, the tool might show unrelated information from time-to-time, mistakenly considering it to be possible duplicates. Nevertheless, it does not happen too often. DMS might also create duplicates, which requires a system cleanup, but it also takes place rather rarely.

You can also automate workflows with the tool and adjust review processes for sensitive merges manually. You will get alerts as soon as a particular record needs a review, and you will be able to approve the merge manually, too.

Company Pricing

There’s no data on the company's website that could reveal its pricing policy. 

Company Review

RingLead has a good reputation among its customers. They admit that the company provides excellent services, and their support team is really helpful. They deliver much more than the company’s clients expect, so we can say that RingLead is really good at adding value. 

At the same time, some people do not like the interface that is not user-friendly, according to their opinion. They cannot understand how to switch off sending emails once matching is complete. Nevertheless, those issues are not for forever since the company is doing its best to improve its features. So in the future, RingLead will make its interface more suitable for users who aren’t tech-savvy.

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Integrate Demand Cloud

Integrate Demand Cloud is a top-notch solution that aims to provide B2B clients with precise top-of-funnel data to boost business performance. It accelerates revenue generation by validating and standardizing prospect data and centralizing top-of-funnel demand channels. Your SDRs will close much more deals once you start collaborating with Integrate Demand Cloud. The company is good at amplifying sales efforts and making the most of your campaigns. It ensures a wide range of excellent solutions that perfectly fit into the modern B2B market. Of course, there exist certain impediments on the way to success, especially in times of the global pandemic, but Integrate Demand Cloud seems to cope really well, offering top-notch marketing orchestration software. Not only does it collect your prospects’ data, but it also seamlessly integrates it with a variety of CRM systems. Therefore, your marketing team will be able to easily scale the pipeline and generate more revenue.


Swordfish software is believed to provide excellent-quality data that comes from the most remarkable identity verification sources. Those include Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, and other top providers that are well-known across the world. All of them make sure that the contacts you get from the aggregator are valid and up-to-date. Of course, you might say that ContactOut Chrome extension performs similar functions, but Swordfish is an established leader in this industry, working with Fortune 500 executives. The world’s top SDRs, recruiters, and other experts use this platform to close more deals and build more meaningful conversations resulting in great contracts.

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