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Generate Top-Quality Leads

Companies working with SalesOptimize are able to identify 100% of the corporate leads available in the modern market. The software offers top-notch proprietary algorithms that precisely target the most relevant verticals. It is possible to use the criteria offered by the company to filter your potential clients. You can select them according to the company size, job title, geographical location, age, gender, etc. At the same time, you can customize the criteria search for the people in accordance with your ideal customer profile. 

Benefit From Market Intelligence

In fact, 5% of your market opportunity comes from inbound sales, while this platform detects the other 95%.

Data Enrichment

The company promises a 10x return on the sales pipeline value and an email bounce rate reduction (5% or lower).

Full CRM Integration

SalesOptimize updates its database on a regular basis and makes sure that it is seamlessly integrated with the CRM. It is really easy to export your prospects list and measure the ROI, as well as the progress in real-time. Moreover, the platform provides unique data, such as payment information and estimated online sales. It is really difficult to find such data on other platforms.

Customized Solutions

You can use the platform for effective website scraping, getting particular materials from thousands of websites across the world. It also allows for a web-bot tailored to your business’ specific needs. These solutions will significantly improve your online presence and facilitate your processes so that you can focus on strategic tasks, while SalesOptimize will do the rest. 

Company Pricing

SalesOptimize pricing policy is unknown since the company has not provided any pricing details yet. 

Company Review

SalesOptimize has a good rating on G2 (4.6 stars out of 5). Many users believe that it's the best source for quality business leads since all the contacts have been strictly verified. Indeed, the company is applying the latest technology to keep all the data clean and up-to-date. Moreover, there is a wide choice, including not only contacts of top managers but also e-commerce roles, as well as technology directors and payment execs who might be the decision-makers in a particular niche. 

Some people don't like the lack of coverage in particular regions, such as Latin America and the ASEAN Political-Security Community (APSC). They truly need SalesOptimize’s services, but they are not yet available there. Nevertheless, users believe that the company will solve this issue and improve its coverage over time.

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FullContact is a powerful platform that provides Identity Resolution with a high degree of safety. This SaaS provider ensures smooth communication across various channels. It helps its B2B clients connect and create meaningful interactions with their prospects and partners all over the world. Marketers and SDRs adore the company’s services since they drive sales and bring them the right kind of prospects. FullContact app offers a set of features to enhance different kinds of identifiers, including personal, professional, as well as online and offline ones. They allow for a thorough analysis and precise recognition of the person you are looking for, which is fantastic. Furthermore, FullContact is a great tool for ensuring excellent customer experiences. It conveniently stores essential information in one place and allows for easy access to the data whenever you need it, which is also totally safe. What is more, the platform provides valuable insights to make your campaigns even more fruitful, so you can not only launch great promos but also learn from the results.


6sense is a potent platform providing limitless opportunities to its users. Unlike numerous other tools available in today's market, this company provides comprehensive solutions powered by high-quality data and AI that drive excellent engagement. The platform is really good at helping its users bring their business to the next level by boosting sales and achieving significant revenue growth. It's a great tool to analyze users’ behaviour, even if it is anonymous, and identifying common patterns that reveal their intentions. Therefore, it is easy to distinguish between a passer-by and a warm lead who is likely to make a purchase on your website. 6sense will empower your sales team and make sure that your marketing efforts will pay off in the long run. The platform allows creating incredible campaigns, personalizing them for each customer without wasting too much time. It is possible to reach thousands of your potential customers across multiple channels, close more deals, and make the whole process much faster.

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