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Generate fantastic B2B leads using the platforms’ database that has an extended search sourcing data. You can choose from 500 thousand businesses, 200 thousand contacts, and 60 thousand decision-makers. You can also look up a specific industry, job title, budget, and other essential criteria that determine your best potential customer. What is more, it is also possible to effectively manage your data, keeping your database clean and free of duplicates.  

Company Pricing

There’s no data on the company’s prices on its website, so it’s impossible to estimate how much its services cost.  

Company Review

Synthio earned 4 stars out of 5 on G2, which means that they have a good reputation in general but lack some features to do better. Users like the company's approach to data management, especially regular updates and a quick reaction of the platform’s customer service. The latter responds to queries with lightning speed and provides sound advice and how to fix a particular problem.

Additionally, the company’s SDRs are also a delight to talk to since they also suggest timely solutions and help the clients of Synthio to assess the risks and opportunities. Furthermore, they also provide helpful materials and always make sure that their clients feel appreciated, valued, and honored. 

There is also some negative feedback that deteriorates the company's ratings on review platforms. For instance, some users find its interface somewhat complicated. Additionally, the search bar does not always deliver the desired results. It might be difficult to find the information you require, or you may get too much data and have to sort it later to extract the contacts you truly need. There might be several hundreds of records; you might have to dig deep to select those suiting your business requirements. Unfortunately, the platform does not allow to search by name. What's even more frustrating, clicking backspace means that Synthio will reset everything, so you might lose a sufficient amount of essential data. Well, some users also claim that the contacts they get are outdated, which negatively impacts the platform’s reputation, too. 

The company also stopped adding LinkedIn URLs for records, which frustrated numerous customers all across the world.

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