Company Services

Have a look at the advantages this email finder can provide you with.

Boosting Sales 

VoilaNorbert will become the best friend of your SDRs since it will supply your pipeline with high-quality prospects. Furthermore, you will also be able to create more personalized offers for decision-makers. Additionally, you will get a bunch of great lead nurturing solutions and reactivate the prospects that used to go cold and turn new cold leads into warm ones. 

Improving Your Email Outreach

A high level of automation available at VoilaNorbert allows for improved prospecting outreach, saving your SDRs lots of time. You can put both of your cold and warm outreach on autopilot and focus on more strategic tasks. As a result, you will book more appointments and close more deals. 

Furthermore, feel free to create highly customized cold emails with VoilaNorbert. You can easily manage your campaigns and sequences conveniently stored in the same place.

Enjoy Full CRM Integration

There will be no obstacles when you decide to reach out to thousands of leads at once since the platform allows a seamless CRM integration. Keep your contacts all in one place and browse the data whenever you're going to make a call or write an email to a prospect. VoilaNorbert’s CRM solutions will maximize your delivery rates and boost conversions. Enjoy the automated follow-ups and focus your efforts on resolving more urgent issues. 

Such an approach will help you to build meaningful connections with your leads and seamlessly incorporate the feedback into your CRM to use it for later improvements. It is also possible to build and enhance strategic partnerships and even hire great talents with VoilaNorbert. It also allows you to find journalists to write about your new features or services. Finally, you can make the most of your content marketing efforts with the platform. Feel free to reach out to bloggers for guest posting and implement the latest link-building strategies to share your content across all possible channels. 

Company Pricing

The company provides totally different packages for various purposes, starting with the valid package that costs $49 per month. Its medium-priced options include the Butler package ($99/mo) and Advisor ($249/mo). Counselor is the most expensive package that is sold for $499/mo.  

Company Review

The company has a very high rating on G2 and other platforms (4.8 out of 5 stars). People really like its features and the way the company experts treat their customers. We couldn't find extremely negative reviews, except for the ones complaining about the high prices.

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