Rocket55 Services

  • Digital Strategy

First and foremost, Rocket55 offers businesses to enhance their digital strategies to level up the game and start getting better results. The agency’s team can provide you with a thorough audit of your current strategy and help build a new data-driven strategy that will go in line with your business goals, both short-term and long-term.

  • Web Design + Dev

Another kind of service businesses can get from Rocket55 is website design and development. The experts from this service stress the user experience importance and help craft custom, customer-centered websites that will help your brand ensure the best user experiences.

  • Search Optimization

For everyone looking to rank higher in SERPS, Rocket55 offers result-oriented SEO services. The agency’s specialists use SEO best practices, advanced tools, and their vast expertise to help businesses gain visibility in search engines and, thus, drive more traffic to their websites.

  • Pay Per Click

Among dozens of different marketing strategies, paid advertising is still one of the most effective ones. But, only if done right. Rocket55 helps businesses plan and implement cost-effective and well-targeted pay-per-click campaigns that have high conversions.

  • Amazon Marketing

Are you selling on Amazon? Being one of the largest and most trusted marketplaces out there, Amazon is extremely competitive but Rocket55 can help you survive the competition and start selling. The agency will develop an effective Amazon marketing strategy that will work for your business and help reach desired results.

  • Organic Social

One more type of service offered by Rocket55 is organic social. This service spans a full range of solutions businesses may need to start using social media to their benefit. The agency will provide you with a solid social media strategy that generates organic audience, engagement, and conversions growth.

  • Paid Social

Apart from helping brands market on social media organically, Rocket55 can also help them make the most of paid advertising on social media. With the agency’s paid social services, businesses can plan and launch attention-grabbing paid ads that generate leads and bring sales.

  • E-Commerce

When it comes to the e-commerce industry, there is a need for a whole different approach to design, development, and marketing. The expert team of Rocket55 recognizes this and offers a full range of e-commerce solutions to help businesses in this field start selling to their best ability.

  • Conversion Optimization

Can’t convert new leads into actual buyers? Rocket55 has a solution. With the help of the agency’s conversion optimization services, businesses can turn leads into loyal customers faster and easier.

  • Email Marketing

Rocket55 offers its customers an easy way to refine their email marketing strategies. The agency’s experts can assist you with building ongoing email marketing strategies, planning  short-term email campaigns, creating custom email designs, and much more.

  • Content Marketing

Whether it is a landing page text, a blog post, a social media publication, or an ad, the content you deliver is what pre-determines your success and Rocket55 can help you with that too. The agency specializes in content marketing, so it can develop a winning strategy for you and help bring it to life.

  • Marketing Automation

Finally, Rocket55 can help your business automate its daily marketing routines to save time, without giving up on the success.

Rocket55 Pricing

If you look through the agency’s website, you will not see a Rocket55 pricing page there. This is due to the fact that Rocket55 does not have fixed rates.

According to some independent platforms, the average Rocket55 pricing per hour varies between $150 and $199. However, if you need more details, you should request a consultation with one of the agency’s representatives, during which you can get a price estimation based on your specific needs.

Rocket55 Review

If you are searching for a Rocket55 review, you will not find it on the agency’s website. At least, not in the form you were expecting to see it. Instead, Rocket55 shares some customer success stories that you can read and see how the agency helped its customers attain their goals and set them up for success. However, if you still want to learn what clients say about this agency, it will be a good idea to take your research beyond the agency’s site.

Unfortunately, finding an objective and detailed Rocket55 review elsewhere on the web is also hard. There are a few testimonials that can be found across different platforms. Some of them are good, whereas others are not so good. For example, the agency’s overall rating on Facebook is only 4.2 stars out of 5, which indicates that not all customers remain happy about the quality of services they got from Rocket55.

Information obtained from publicly accessible sources. Any data interpretation is our opinion.