LeadFuze Services

  • Emails

LeadFuze helps businesses ensure a 0% bounce rate by providing effective email verification tools that allow you to validate the emails you collect in real-time.

  • Phone Numbers

One more feature users can enjoy with LeadFuze is an advanced feature for finding verified leads phone numbers that will help you enhance the results of your cold calling strategy.

  • List Building

One more tool offered by LeadFuze is an AI-powered assistant Fuzebot that helps you build lists with ease.

  • Social Profiles

Use LeadFuze to enhances your multi-channel social sales strategy by collecting LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media profiles of your targeted leads.

  • Background

LeadFuze enables businesses to get full background information about their leads, including skills, education, work history, and much more.

  • Ad Targeting

With LeadFuze, you can get company and personal emails for building custom targeted audiences for your ads.

  • Workflows

Use LeadFuze integrations to streamline your multi-channel outreach campaigns.

  • Ad Spend

Search for leads and further qualify them based on their monthly Adwords spend.

  • Account Based

LeadFuze helps businesses find new customer accounts or expand the ones they already have quickly and easily.

  • Employee Lists

With LeadFuze, you can get a full list of employees from a particular company with their contact data.

  • Hiring

Discover companies that are hiring for specific positions.

  • Fundraising

Search for companies who are investing or raising funds.

  • New Partnerships

Search for organizations that have recently made integrations, new partnerships, etc.

  • Staff Changes

Discover organizations that have recently fired or hired key employees, or made key promotions. 

  • Expansions

Discover companies based on their expansions (e.g. new offices opened recently, expansion of product lines, etc.).

  • Technologies Used

Search for companies based on the technologies they use.

  • Skill Search

For hiring purposes, LeadFuze offers another great feature that enables you to find the right candidates based on the specific skills that match your needs.

  • Data Exporting

Finally, apart from all the other features, LeadFuze allows users to export all the data they collect to Google Sheets or CSV.

LeadFuze Pricing

LeadFuze is very transparent about its rates. The information about all the pre-configured plans, features included in them, and fees is collected in one place - on the LeadFuze pricing page, so it won’t be hard to figure out how much the company will charge you for its services.

One thing worth noting is that LeadFuze pricing is rather costly, compared to many similar services. There are three available plans:

  • Starter - includes 500 lead credits/mo for $132.30
  • Scaling - includes 2,500 lead credits/mo for $447.30
  • Custom - the price, number of credits, and features are defined based on the client’s specific needs and wishes

Finally, there is a chance to test the services and get 25 leads for free if you are a new user and not yet sure whether you want to purchase a plan.

LeadFuze Review

If you’d like to check out an honest LeadFuze review, you should look for it outside the website. Of course, at leadfuze.com, there is some kind of a testimonials section located closer to the bottom of the site’s homepage and as well there are some excerpts of reviews taken from independent reviewing platforms like TrustRadius, Capterra, and G2. However, if you want to see the big picture, skip everything you can find on the company’s website and go directly to unbiased platforms to find objective reviews.

As indicated on the company’s site, a LeadFuze review indeed can be found on different reviewing platforms. There are plenty of reviews here and there that will help you shape an objective opinion about LeadFuze.

Based on all the reviews collected from different resources, we have to say that the company’s reputation is quite solid. On average, the overall rating across different platforms is 4.4-4.6 stars out of 5 and there are quite many good testimonials.

However, not all reviews about this company are good. There are as well many people who rate LeadFuze with three or fewer stars and most of them stress the untrustworthiness of the company, poor results, or an absolute lack of results.

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Information obtained from publicly accessible sources. Any data interpretation is our opinion.