Leadgibbon Services

  • Lead Database

For businesses looking to expand their B2B email lists, Leadgibbon offers a convenient lead database tool. The tool comes with a number of great features that enable you to find lots of new leads, get vital lead information, target any company, save/share/collaborate on your lists, and export your email lists in just a few simple clicks.

  • Chrome Extension

One more feature you can enjoy with Leadgibbon is a convenient Chrome extension that will enable you to collect valid emails right from your LinkedIn and export them into the CRM of your choice.

  • Email Enricher

This next type of service is designed to help businesses enrich their contact databases in a few clicks. With email enricher by Leadgibbon, you only need to upload a sheet with names and domains, and the tool will do the rest - it will enrich your existing list with valid emails. This feature will help you make your email outreach even more effective and ensure that each introduction email reaches the right person.

  • Email Format Checker

The last feature you can use at Leadgibbon is an email format checker and it’s absolutely free of charge. This feature allows you to discover the most common email patterns used by people at any company. The tool also gives you access to the general information about the company and a full list of employees with their contact details.

Find common email patterns for people at any company — for free

Leadgibbon Pricing

All the information concerning Leadgibbon pricing is collected on a single page and is publicly visible to all site visitors.

There are three plans offered to enable you to use the tool and all its features:

  • Basic - gives you 1,000 credits per month at a fixed rate of $49/mo
  • Pro - gives you 5,000 credits per month at a fixed rate of $99/mo
  • Business - gives you 20,000 credits per month at a fixed rate of $199/mo

The core difference between these three different Leadgibbon pricing plans that are offered at this time is the number of credits you receive each month. The number of credits directly affects the scope of data you can process and collect with the help of the tool. However, when it comes to the available features, you will be able to use them all regardless of the chosen plan.

And, one more thing you should know about Leadgibbon is that you can try it for free if you are a new user.

Leadgibbon Review

If you are looking for a Leadgibbon review to define whether the tool is right for you and can meet your needs, you can start your search right at leadgibbon.com. There are a couple of customer testimonials that can be found here and there on the company’s site, so feel free to check them out before you purchase any plans. But, keep in mind that the reviews provided on corporate websites are not 100% unbiased, so it is never a bad idea to search for more websites outside the site.

If you look up the query “Leadgibbon review” on the Internet, you can find plenty of ratings and reviews left by real customers who have already tried the tool. There are overviews of Leadgibbon on such trusted platforms as Capterra and G2 with an objective rating. So, finding out what people think of this tool isn’t too hard.

According to the information available on the web, the average rating Leadgibbon receives from real users is 4.7 stars out of 5. This is a pretty good result, which clearly indicates that many people who have used it remained satisfied with the quality of the tool and the obtained result. However, the high rating does not mean that there are no negative reviews at all. In fact, apart from happy, positive feedback, there are also quite a few neutral and even negative comments about the work of Leadgibbon.

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