Lusha Services

  • Web Extension

First of all, Lusha offers its customers a convenient web extension that will allow you to discover accurate and valid email numbers, as well as phone numbers, of your leads in seconds. The extension makes it possible to instantly access company info and contact details right from your Gmail inbox, LinkedIn, or B2B websites and bulk export them directly to your prospect lists.

  • Prospecting Platform

Another type of service offered by Lush is prospecting. The company’s prospecting platform enables you to get access to over 100 million contacts and build custom-tailored prospect lists in order to expand your outreach and turn more prospects into customers.

  • Contacts API

One more thing Lusha has for you is a cutting-edge Contacts API that allows you to enrich any system, app, or database with the valid and up-to-date company and contact data. 

  • Integrations

Apart from Lusha’s API, businesses can also use the company’s handy integrations feature to bring in Lusha with all its helpful features right to their favorite tools, such as Salesloft, Gmail, Outlook, HubSpot, ZOHO, and many others.

Lusha Pricing

When talking about Lusha pricing, the first thing to note is that the company offers users a chance to test some of its features free of charge. Any new user can request a free trial by simply signing up with Lusha, no credit card is required. Once you do, you will be receiving 5 free credits per month and the best part of it is that you will continue receiving your free credits even after you purchase a paid plan.

Apart from the free trial, there are three other Lusha pricing plans that you can choose from:

  • Professional - pay $99/mo to get 100 credits
  • Premium - pay $199/mo to get 300 credits
  • Enterprise - fully custom and built to match your team’s unique needs

The features included in every plan vary. As you can guess, Professional is the most limited (in terms of features) paid plan, whereas Enterprise offers you the most possibilities. Also, the plan you choose will define how many users will be able to use Lusha’s features from your account. You can find more info on the company’s site.

Lusha Review

On the company’s site itself, there is only one Lusha review that visitors can check. Apart from this, there is no separate page with testimonials. But, though there are no testimonials, the site’s visitors can check out some case studies to get a better idea of how Lusha can help them.

Yet, if you still want to check at least one objective Lusha review, you can take your research outside the company’s website and look for customer feedback on unbiased platforms like Capterra or G2.

Finding the reviews about Lusha isn’t too hard and doesn’t take much time. Based on the reviews that can be found across different platforms, we can conclude that the company’s reputation isn’t all that flawless. The average rating of Lusha (based on customer reviews) is 4.0, which isn’t too bad but also isn’t flawless. Simply put, there are many different reviews - both positive and negative.

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