SignalHire Services

  • Talent Sourcing

The core feature offered by SignalHire is talent acquisition. The company offers companies and recruiting professionals a user-friendly and efficient search tool that allows them to discover a large pool of talents, along with valuable insight and contact details, quickly and easily.

  • Talent Relationships

SignalHire can help you boost productivity during the talent search by creating favorable conditions for individual applications. This feature provides you with valuable insights generated by the predictive intelligence that will help you make better, more informed decisions on when to contact the top talent. This way, SignalHire can help you close job openings in less time.

  • Agile ATS

Another type of service provided by SignalHire is a smart ATS that can help you streamline and automate the recruitment process in order to cut down related costs and reduce the overall time-to-hire. The ATS offers plenty of features for effective communication and collaboration within your team, making it simple and productive.

  • Business Intelligence

Finally, SignalHire offers a convenient Business Intelligence feature that provides you with up-to-date insights into business performance to help you observe and analyze your entire recruitment funnel, keep track of all key metrics, and, thus, improve decision making and boost ROI.

SignalHire Pricing

All the info about SignalHire pricing can be found on the company’s site, which is very convenient, especially if you are new to this platform.

SignalHire gives new users a chance to test its tools free of charge. The free trial can be requested by anyone, anytime and all you need is to sign up, you won’t even need to provide your credit card details. The free trial gives you a limit of 5 email credits per month and you can upgrade to the paid plan of your choice whenever you want.

As for the paid options, there are three pre-configured SignalHire pricing plans:

  • Lead Generation - emails only; 350 credits/month; additional features: bulk emails, email sync, ATS/team management, a browser extension.
  • Phone Box - phone numbers only; 100 credits/month; additional features: ATS/team management, a browser extension.
  • Recruiter Pro - emails and phone numbers; 100 credits/month; additional features: bulk emails, email sync, ATS/team management, a browser extension.

The price for each plan is fixed - $49/mo when billed monthly or $39/mo when billed annually. And, for each offered plan, there is a possibility to customize the plan to meet your unique needs.

SignalHire Review

The first place where you can look for a SignalHire review is the company’s site itself. Closer to the bottom of the site’s homepage, there is a block with several testimonials that can give you some idea of what people think about SignalHire.

Once you check the testimonials provided on the company’s site, we recommend you not to stop there and look for more customer feedback elsewhere. After all, we all know that the reviews posted on corporate sites are not truly unbiased.

For a bigger picture, you can check out a SignalHire review on one of the trusted platforms that accumulate customer reviews. For example, you can go to G2 or Capterra. The overall rating of SignalHire is between 4.4-4.5 stars out of 5. Based on these ratings, the company’s reputation seems to be pretty decent, but, as always, there are not only positive but also many negative reviews.

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