Verifalia Services

  • Real-Time Email Verification

Verifalia is a smart email validator that is both accurate and, at the same time, very intuitive to use. The first feature available for users is real-time email verification. This tool enables you to verify your email addresses in real-time to prevent entering invalid and outdated emails into your database, as well as to avoid spam attacks and fake sign-ups.

  • Batch Email Validation

Another feature businesses and specialists can benefit from is batch email validation. Unlike the previous type of service, this one is designed specifically to allow you to validate emails in bulk. To use it, all you need is to upload your list or database and the system will quickly check it for validity to help you keep your lists fresh and accurate at all times.

Verifalia Pricing

Verifalia pricing is rather straightforward and all the information a user needs to know is conveniently stored on a separate page on the company’s website.

So how much does it cost to verify your emails with Verifalia? First of all, you need to know that apart from the paid services, there is a free email address validator featured on the company’s site. Using this feature, users can manually validate any email address absolutely free of charge. And the best part of it is that you get as many as 25 email validations per day with this free tool. Thus, if you don’t have to deal with large volumes, you can stick with the free feature. However, in order to get access to a full range of features, you will need to purchase a plan.

All in all, there are four different Verifalia pricing plans:

  • Starter - $9/mo for 250 email validations per day
  • Professional - $49/mo for 1,250 email validations per day
  • Enterprise - $199/mo for 6,250 email validations per day
  • Ultimate - $499/mo for 25,000 email validations per day

Please note that although the price is indicated as per month, the rates are specified for the annual billing method, which implies a 10% discount. That is, if you choose to pay quarterly or monthly, the price per month will be higher.

Also, one more thing worth noting is that regardless of the chosen plan, users always can purchase additional credits if they run out of the given limit.

Verifalia Review

One thing that is very hard not to notice is that the company’s site is extremely informative. When you browse through it, it really feels like you can easily find answers to all of your questions. But, despite this fact, you will not find a single Verifalia review here.

Although many trusted platforms that post customer reviews about companies, products, and services feature a page for Verifalia, many of these pages are absolutely empty and don’t contain even one Verifalia review. Thus, finding testimonials can really get somewhat challenging, but not impossible though.

On some platforms, the company’s rating reaches the highest point of 5 stars out of 5. This can look rather impressive, but don’t take that for granted. Although there are many positive testimonials, negative ones are also there, though it takes more time and effort to find them.

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