Audience Serv GmbH Services

  • Data-Driven Email Marketing

Audience Serv enables businesses to scale and drive customer acquisition, using smart, data-driven email marketing solutions. The agency’s team can help you define your ideal target audience and develop effective email campaigns that will help you achieve your revenue goals.

  • LiveSend

Another feature available at Audience Serv is called LiveSend and it is a smart algorithm that was developed to analyze an enormous range of consumer attributes to help businesses build the right audiences for their marketing campaigns, deliver relevant marketing messages, and get higher open, click, and conversion rates.

  • Lead Generation

Audience Serv can supply your business with high-quality business leads based on the customer data you provide such as location, gender, and age. You can choose to receive new leads in real-time or on a specific schedule.

  • Email Retargeting

Another service available at this agency is email retargeting. This service was designed to help businesses send personalized emails to users who have already engaged with their brand and finally turn them into real customers.

  • Template Creation

One more thing the team of Audience Serv can do for your success is developing custom email layouts that go in line with your brand and help get better results from your email marketing campaigns.

  • ASX

The agency’s ASX feature is there to help you reach lots of potential customers quickly and easily. The agency provides businesses with access to their extensive database that will help them deliver their campaigns to the right users.

Audience Serv GmbH Pricing

Audience Serv GmbH pricing is not being disclosed on the company’s website. The agency promises to deliver high-quality services at a pocket-friendly price. However, since every service offered at their site is being optimized for each particular customer’s needs, there are no fixed rates or packages.

The best way to discover Audience Serv GmbH pricing is to contact the agency and request a custom quote, calculated based on your unique needs and objectives. However, you can as well find some information on other online platforms. But, it will be more general information that may not be applicable to every customer’s case.

Audience Serv GmbH Review

If you are looking for an Audience Serv GmbH review, go beyond the agency’s website because it doesn’t share any real customer testimonials. However, once you take your search out there, you will be able to find quite many testimonials.

One place to find an Audience Serv GmbH review is Clutch. Here you can read a general overview of the agency plus a couple of testimonials. However, all customer reviews shared here are positive, so the agency’s overall rating is 5.0 out of 5. Nevertheless, the agency’s rating on Google consists of a larger number of reviews, and the total rating is only 3.1. Based on this, we can conclude that there might be a large number of positive testimonials, but, at the same time, there are also many dissatisfied customers.

Information obtained from publicly accessible sources. Any data interpretation is our opinion.