Extravision Services

  • Email Marketing

The first category of services offered by Extravision is email marketing service. This category spans a range of effective solutions all aimed at helping businesses optimize their email marketing strategies for the best results. This includes responsive email design services and email marketing campaign strategy building tailored to the specific need of your business.

  • Business Solutions

Apart from email marketing, Extravision also specializing in creating and implementing smart business solutions that help solve a variety of issues that might be hampering the productivity and results of your enterprise. Namely, the available solutions include system integration, web portals, and mobile apps tailor-made for your business to help it deliver exceptional user experiences without the hassle.

  • Healthcare Solutions

Finally, one more area of expertise of the Extravision team is the healthcare industry. The company crafts award-winning healthcare solutions to help businesses improve the quality of care they deliver, streamline their operations, ensure scalability, and start accomplishing their short-term and long-term goals.

Extravision Pricing

Every single solution delivered by Extravision, whether for healthcare, business, or email marketing needs, is tailor-made to satisfy the individual needs of every client. If you keep this in mind, it shouldn’t surprise you to see that there is no information dedicated to Extravision pricing shared through the company’s website.

Based on what can be learned from its site, Extravision embraces custom solutions. Thus, the agency doesn’t offer any bundles of services or fixed rates. Instead, it crafts a custom offer to every client, keeping in mind all his unique needs, expectations, and requirements.

Therefore, in order to get a detailed overview of Extravision pricing, you will need to contact the agency’s team. By submitting a short contact form or reaching the company’s team via email or phone, you can request price calculation and figure out how much it will cost you to order the company’s services.

Extravision Review

Searching for a detailed and unbiased Extravision review can turn out to be a real challenge. On the company’s site, you won’t find a separate Testimonials page. But, if you scroll down the site’s home page, you will see a small section dedicated to customer reviews, where you can check out five reviews from customers.

Needless to say that the reviews shared on business websites aren’t always honest. That is why we had to look for another Extravision review that we could trust and that’s where we faced some real troubles.

Although the company has been around for quite a long time, there are not many testimonials about it shared on the web. Across different independent platforms, there are just a couple of reviews that you can use to learn more about Extravision. But, despite their small number and the fact that they are very controversial (both negative and positive), reading customer testimonials will still be helpful to gain a better understanding of the company’s reputation.

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