About MailNinja

Founded in 2005, MailNinja is a trusted email marketing partner that helps businesses across different industries to streamline their marketing activities and reach their goals faster and easier. The agency is located in Swindon, United Kingdom, but offers its services to companies from the rest of the world as well. Ninja Mail is known for offering a wide selection of services including full-service email marketing, campaign management, Mailchimp services and training, custom templates design, and much more!

MailNinja Services

  • Email Campaign Management

MailNinja offers businesses to streamline their email campaigns and get the best result by hiring a team of real marketing pros who will fully manage your campaigns for you!

  • Mailchimp Training

MailNinja’s team is highly proficient in Mailchimp and is willing to share their knowledge and expertise with you during custom Mailchimp training sessions.

  • Mailchimp Mentoring

For businesses that use Mailchimp for their email marketing needs, MailNinja offers full-cycle mentoring and support that will guide your team to success.

  • Mailchimp Services

Apart from providing mentoring and training, MailNinja also offers you to hire professional Mailchimp experts who will handle everything for you.

  • MailNinja for Agencies

This type of service is designed for digital agencies who are looking to start selling or referring to Mailchimp and marketing services.

  • Mailchimp Email Template Design

With MailNinja, businesses can get custom-designed email templates for Mailchimp, perfectly tailored to their brand’s needs and requirements.

  • Mailchimp Audience Management

To help you boost the effectiveness of your email campaigns, the experts from MailNinja offer professional Mailchimp audience and list services.

  • Email Campaign Review Service

MailNinja can review your email campaign and give valuable insights that will help your business raise the bar and start getting better results.

  • Email Marketing Agency

MailNinja also enables businesses to outsource their marketing challenges to a professional email marketing agency.

  • Full-Service Email Marketing

The team of MailNinja can create a custom, full-service email marketing plan created to help you reach your business objectives with ease.

  • Email Copywriting Service

The MailNinja’s Email Copywriting Service is there to help businesses impress and engage their audience with compelling email copy and powerful CTRs. 

  • Email Design Agency

To help ensure the success of your email campaigns and higher engagement rates, the experts from MailNinja can design unique and eye-grabbing email templates for you.

  • Mailchimp Online Training Course

Lastly, MailNinja can empower teams and individual specialists with an online training course fully dedicated to Mailchimp.

MailNinja Pricing

When it comes to MailNinja pricing, you won’t find much information about it on the agency’s site, as well as outside it. There are no fixed rates or bundles that you can check out to understand how much it will cost you to get marketing help from MailNinja. However, according to Clutch, the company’s specialists’ average hourly rate is somewhere between $100 and $149.

To get a more comprehensive overview of MailNinja pricing, feel free to contact the service directly. There is a live online chat, as well as the possibility to request a callback from one of the agency’s reps.

MailNinja Review

For more info on the process of work, guarantees, and the quality of the services delivered by this marketing agency, it will never hurt to check out an honest MailNinja review. To get started, you can check out the Customer Testimonials page on the agency’s website. There are several testimonials inserted from Trustpilot and, though every single one of them is 100% positive, it still can be helpful to read them.

Also, on the company’s site, there is a page called Examples of Our Work. Although it has nothing to do with customer reviews directly, we encourage you to check it out in order to see what MailNinja can do for you.

Finally, to get a clearer and more objective MailNinja review, it won’t hurt to check out testimonials posted on unbiased platforms. Namely, there are 20+ reviews shared on Trustpilot.

Interestingly enough, on its website, the team of MailNinja claims to have the highest, 5-star rating on Trustpilot. However, if you go to the platform directly, you will find out that the rating is actually 4.4 stars and not all testimonials are as positive as the ones shared on the agency’s site. There are also some dissatisfied former customers who leave neutral and even negative reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our services?

Can you guarantee the number of appointments you set?

Being an acquisition partner and providing guarantees is one of our competitive advantages. Before you sign up, we will tell you how many appointments we can schedule per month in your industry and calculate the estimated cost per appointment.

What happens if you don’t fulfill the commitment?

Our average conversion from a Lead to an Appointment is at 1-2%, based on 5,000 different campaigns for 20 industries and 250 clients. We know that 500 leads translates into 5-10 appointments booked. If we don’t hit the target over the course of 4 weeks, we work at no cost for you, generating more leads, starting more conversations with prospects until we get the job done.

What’s the average appointment acquisition cost?

Typically, our clients report it to be from $200 to $400. However, this number can be lower or higher, depending on your target audience and the value proposition. You can talk to one of our experts and receive a quote tailored specifically to your business.

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