Pure360 Services

  • Platform

First of all, Pure360 is a platform that gives businesses access to a full suite of marketing tools that have the potential to boost their marketing outcomes and increase revenues. The main features of the platform are email personalization, email marketing, marketing automation, and website personalization.

  • Onboarding

The team of Pure360 offers an efficient onboarding service to help your team leverage all the tools and benefits of the platform with no extra work and in less time. In the framework of the onboarding service, the agency’s experts can implement IP warp up and eliminate any issues that might affect your sender’s reputation.

  • Creative Services

Pure360 has a highly proficient in-house team of creative experts. By requesting the agency’s creative services, your business can boost audience engagement with impactful and quality designs, without wasting the time of your own team.

  • Managed Services

In case your in-house team lacks the time or resources to build and implement a successful marketing strategy, then the Managed Services from Pure360 is just what you’ve been looking for. This type of service will help your business streamline its marketing efforts to obtain better results.

  • Data Services

Finally, one more service offered by Pure360 is designed to help businesses make faster and smarter decisions with the help of clean, quality data, including email validation, list health checks, etc.

Pure360 Pricing

Just like many other marketing agencies, this one doesn’t disclose its rates. Although you can find a separate page called Pricing on the company’s site, it doesn’t really tell you any specific details concerning Pure360 pricing. All it says is that every business is different and, since the agency is committed to providing custom solutions tailored to every client’s unique needs, the price tag for the services will also vary depending on a number of factors.

Nevertheless, if you still are interested in learning more about Pure360 pricing, on the same page, you will find a short form that asks about your personal and business details, as well as your top marketing objectives. If you fill out and submit this form, one of the agency’s managers will get back to you with a custom quote.

Alternatively, before making a purchase, new users also can request a demo version of the services they are interested in, which is great as this feature allows you to test the company’s features before paying lots of money for them.

Pure360 Review

If you want to learn more about how this agency works, and what results it can deliver to you, the easiest and wisest way to figure this out would be to check out a Pure360 review left by a real customer. 

A couple of testimonials and customer success stories can be found right on the Pure360 website. Unsurprisingly, all the reviews shared by the agency are absolutely positive, which is why it is always good to look for more opinions on unbiased resources.

You can find a Pure360 review on Clutch. But, unfortunately, there are no real customer testimonials shared here, just an overview of the agency and its services. However, if you go further and check out the company’s profile on another trusted platform - G2, you will find a total rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 with over 50 customer testimonials, both good and bad. 

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