Strategic eMarketing Services

  • Local SEO

If you want potential customers to find your stores with ease, Strategic eMarketing can help you with that. One of the services offered by the agency is Local SEO, which is designed to make sure your locations are available on different web resources such as Yelp, Google+, Facebook Local, and Maps.

  • Content Marketing

Another type of service you can get with Strategic eMarketing is Content Marketing. The agency’s team is highly proficient in delivering captivating content that drives attention, generates leads, and helps businesses reach their short-term and long-term marketing goals.

  • Responsive Web Design

The experiences users get when interacting with your business’s website or apps are crucial for better marketing and higher revenues, and the team of Strategic eMarketing can help you with that.

  • Video Marketing

Apart from delivering top-notch written content, the experts from Strategic eMarketing can also create engaging video content for your marketing campaigns. The agency’s team will help you take your video ads to the next level and get more traffic with ease!

  • Social Media Marketing

One more type of service delivered by Strategic eMarketing is Social Media Marketing. This service is designed to help businesses engage with their customers better, expand their outreach, build brand awareness, and ensure customer loyalty through an effective and sustainable social media marketing strategy.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Apart from the local SEO, in particular, the team of Strategic eMarketing also has vast expertise in general search engine optimization. By delivering professional SEO services, the agency helps its clients optimize their sites for relevant search requests and, thus, rank higher in search results and generate more traffic with ease.

Strategic eMarketing Pricing

Unfortunately to potential clients who are not yet familiar with this marketing agency, Strategic eMarketing pricing isn’t clear at all. The company doesn’t share its rates publicly, which might be due to the fact that prices are identified individually for every client based on the needs, requirements, and expectations they have.

Although Strategic eMarketing pricing is not being disclosed on the company’s site, it is possible to find some general info concerning it on the Internet. Namely, the average hourly rate is specified on Clutch. According to this resource, using the agency’s services will cost you about $150-$199 per hour. But, since this data is approximate, if you are really interested in purchasing the services, be sure to schedule a call with the agency directly in order to request a custom quote.

Strategic eMarketing Review

The agency boasts of its great reputation and claims that it always ensures 100% customer satisfaction. If you keep that in mind, it appears to be not quite clear why the company doesn’t show a single Strategic eMarketing review on its site if it really has such a flawless reputation.

In order to find a Strategic eMarketing review, you will need to do some research. There are some testimonials available on the agency’s profile on Clutch, where it has a 5.0-star rating. However, since the rating is based on only 3 reviews, it is not very objective.

Moreover, if you search for more testimonials on the web, you will find that Strategic eMarketing has a rather low (3.7 stars) rating on Facebook. Thus, all in all, analyzing customer testimonials about this service, we can say that though there are many positive reviews, the agency’s reputation isn’t excellent because there are also many negative comments.

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