Even though GetNotify is a free email tracker, there are still some great features that it offers to its clients. Each of these services has different benefits. When it comes to the services that GetNotify has to offer, the main options include email and link tracking, read notifications to a cell phone by SMS text messages, and tracking information. 

  • Email and links tracking

With email and link tracking offered to you by GetNotify, you get to know when your email has been opened and which links have been clicked as well. The email tracking service will notify you of any activity within the email. This way, you can take appropriate action.

  • Read notifications to a cell phone by SMS text message

With Get Notify, you can receive your email notifications via cellphone as well. It is a great feature as you will be able to get to your email even on the go, ensuring that you are up to date. Alongside these services, users have access to an outbox with all tracking plus history, emails per month, and approval from email address notifications.

  • Tracking information

With GetNotify, tracking information means that you have access to email read and delivery confirmation, email content backup, recipient details like their IP, browser, applications, and a whole lot more. Through the mail tracking, you will also get email notifications of when and how many times the email has been opened.


Because GetNotify is free, there is no pricing information. However, on the website, there is a section where they accept small donations. However, the exact amount is not specified. But the donations that come through are able to keep the services afloat. 


GetNotify has managed to earn a 3.5 rating. It makes it a good email tracking service. Since it is free, it can be used for personal and business email tracking needs. Lots of people use and appreciate its features, the overall look, and the fact that the user interface is simple and easy to use.

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