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Gmass offers several services for its clients, but to get started with Gmass for Gmail, you will need the Gmass chrome extension. With Gmass for Gmail, you will get access to services like Gmass mail merge with Google Sheets, email reporting analysis, and automatic follow-up emails. 

  • Gmass Mail Merge

It is the service from Gmass that sets it apart. Clients can get access to ultimate email marketing features. With Gmass mail merge, you can track data via google sheets. It then means that you can also monitor the new rows that will have been added and send new emails automatically.

  • Email reporting analysis

Email marketing is not complete if you are not able to see how well (or how bad) you are doing. That is why with the Gmass email service, you will get email reporting analysis. It grants access to campaign reports that show how many people opened your email, read it, and how many times it bounced back as well. The best part of the service is that you can also work with the Gmass mailing service on the go from your phone via the application. 

  • Automatic Follow-up emails

Gmass email tool will also give you access to automatic follow-up emails. With this part of the Gmass mail merge service, you can follow up on emails and then send them in a sequence up until the client replies. Many Gmass reviews have stated that it is the best way to boost your response rates and improve your marketing strategy. 

Gmass vs. Mailchimp

There has always been a big debate on which of the two services is better: Gmass or MailChimp. Both services can be used for sending email campaigns. However, Gmass is more popular as compared to MailChimp. Also, Gmass is, in most cases, used for email outreach, and Mailchimp is for newsletters. 


The pricing of Gmass varies depending on the number of users who want to get access to the service. It will also depend on whether you are using it as an individual or as a team. Individual packages start from $19.95 to $49.95 a month. As for the team packages, it depends on the number of users. For five users, it ranges from $125 a month, and for 100 users, it's $1495 a month. Annual packages start from $1250 for five users and $14950 for 100 users. 


Gmass has managed to earn a 4.7-star rating. It is no shock as many clients greatly appreciate the service. The Gmass mail merge will allow you to send up to 2000 emails, and it is more than enough for most businesses.

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With many emails that you will be receiving as a business owner, you need to have a way to somewhat manage them, and that’s where Mailtrack comes into the picture. Mailtrack is a tool that helps you keep track of your emails on your Gmail account. It is done by notifying you of when your email has been opened as well as how many times it has been opened through the use of its pixel-based tracking system. Mailtrack for Gmail doesn't change much of your email account interface. It adds a few buttons, checkmarks, and dots, but with just these few additions, they have revolutionized the way that we manage our Gmail forever.


Email marketing can be so ‘cold’ at times. It can be tedious as you try to send all your clients the same old boring text in an attempt to get their attention. However, Klenty changes all that. It is a sales engagement tool that helps sales teams turn all their prospective clients into long-term customers through the use of personalized automated emails. With Klenty, you can wave goodbye to cold mailing and say ‘hello’ to nice, personalized, and engaging emails to all your prospective clients. Klenty is the ultimate sales tool that will ensure that you get results and focus on the clients that matter.


SendBlaster is a bulk emailer that helps sales professionals to push large volumes of emails as easily as possible. If you are involved in email marketing, you probably understand just how hard it is to run an email campaign and the number of emails that are exchanged during this campaign. Being able to send these emails in bulk with accuracy will save sales professionals a lot of work and, in turn, increase overall company profitability. It is exactly what SendBlaster does, and it does it very well based on the user reviews.


Intelliverse was launched with a vision to transform cloud telephony, and during its existence, the company has managed to do just that. The service, which has transformed from being an email tracker to a complete marketing tool, has managed to elevate the digital marketing experience to amazing heights. What is more, it seems they are not done yet. Intelliverse uses a browser plugin system. The fact that it is not standalone software means it is light and easily accessible on your hardware, regardless of the system you are using. Sounds amazing, right?

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