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There are several services that you can access when you use Mainly, these are a domain search, email finder, email verifier, campaigns, and integrations. All this is achieved through their state-of-the-art email tracking available on Gmail. And, of course, to kickstart the excellent service provision, you will have to make sure that you have installed the extension to your browser. 

  • Domain Search

With domain search from, finding contacts in companies has been made easier. Simply enter the domain web address and let Hunter do the rest for you, as it will give you a list of all the professionals working with the organization you are searching for.

  • Email Finder and Verifier

Email finder from is the absolute email tracking solution for businesses that want to engage, connect, and interact. It verifies an email address and presents it all in a neat and easy-to-follow format. And with their mail trackers, you can then access this information to use immediately or save it for future use. With an email finder, businesses and clients will have access to an author finder that helps you find various blogs, journals, and book authors on the web.

  • Campaigns

Part of business marketing is making sure you reach out to your clients via email. With Hunter email tracker, you can do just that. They ensure that instead of the cold response. You can have a nice personalized touch for each of your clients. And with their mail track for Gmail, you get to know exactly what happens after you click ‘send’.

  • Integration

To make sure your work is clutter-free, there are also several CRM tools that you can use with These tools will allow for seamless automated integration to make sure that you focus on what matters the most

Pricing offers its clients five different packages. The first package is Free and gives businesses 25 searches and 50 verifications a month. Secondly, they have the Starter package, pegged at $49 a month, that will grant access to 500 searches and 100 verifications. The Growth package costs $99 a month and comes with 2500 searches and 5000 verifications. For the next package, they charge $199 a month and provide businesses with 10 000 searches and 20 000 verifications. Lastly, the Enterprise package for $399/month gives you 30 000 searches and 60 000 verifications. On top of all this, all the paid packages come with priority support, domain search full results and exports, and campaigns premium features. Rating earned a 4.5 rating because of the exceptional service provision. Launched in 2015, they have over 3 million user accounts and over 76 million websites indexed. All this and more show that has lived up to its excellent rating.

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Email marketing can be so ‘cold’ at times. It can be tedious as you try to send all your clients the same old boring text in an attempt to get their attention. However, Klenty changes all that. It is a sales engagement tool that helps sales teams turn all their prospective clients into long-term customers through the use of personalized automated emails. With Klenty, you can wave goodbye to cold mailing and say ‘hello’ to nice, personalized, and engaging emails to all your prospective clients. Klenty is the ultimate sales tool that will ensure that you get results and focus on the clients that matter.


With many emails that you will be receiving as a business owner, you need to have a way to somewhat manage them, and that’s where Mailtrack comes into the picture. Mailtrack is a tool that helps you keep track of your emails on your Gmail account. It is done by notifying you of when your email has been opened as well as how many times it has been opened through the use of its pixel-based tracking system. Mailtrack for Gmail doesn't change much of your email account interface. It adds a few buttons, checkmarks, and dots, but with just these few additions, they have revolutionized the way that we manage our Gmail forever.

Cirrus Insight

When it comes to sales and reaching out to your clients, using emails is one of the most efficient ways. And to make sure that you do it in an orderly manner, there is no better tool to use than Cirrus. It is the all-in-one email sales marketing and management tool that has all that you could need and more when it comes to marketing your services.


GetNotify is a free email tracking service that many businesses enjoy using for several reasons. It is free of charge, and it still does a great job when it comes to email tracking. Many Getnotify reviews have dubbed the service as the best free email service. With the GetNotify track mail service, you will get an email opening notification when the receiver has got their text. Also, the free can be used on all emails. So if you’ve been wondering where you can send a tracked email from, you can use Yahoo, Gmail, or any other email service of your choice.

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