Intelliverse Services 

Intelliverse has features that can be custom picked to suit your fancy. Some of the best options from the service include the following ones: IntelliDialer, Managed Appointment Setting, and the free email tracking feature. 

  • Managed Appointment Setting

Important email campaigns come with greater responsibility. One of the hardest things you should deal with is the appointment setting. With the Intelliverse Managed Appointment Setting feature, the whole process becomes lightwork. Intelliverse finds, ranks, and qualifies leads for you as part of the service. It means that once you decide to make use of the tool, all you should worry about is closing deals rather than finding leads. The best part is that Intelliverse offers robust and extensive quality assurance. It helps ensure that you won’t waste time on low-quality leads.

  • IntelliDialer 

The dial service from Intelliverse allows clients to integrate their dial-in services with top-of-the-range CRM software. Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce are amongst the software that IntelliDialer is compatible with. The integration results in an accelerated sales experience using intelligent and futuristic elements. The IntelliDialer system has some unique features, which include self-start service and real-time call reporting. They allow salespersons to effectively use calls, which remain one of the most effective sales tools available. The best element of IntelliDialer is the Voicemail drop feature. With it, you are guaranteed seamless conversations and calls. 

  • Email Tracking

The Intelliverse email tracker for Outlook and Gmail is foolproof and offers real-time email monitoring. It means that you can always check your current email delivery, opening, and reply. The best part is that all these statistics are recorded, and you can use them to determine the best email strategy for your niche. As part of the service, users also get the email scheduling feature. It allows sales representatives to set a time for their emails.


One of the most attractive points when it comes to Intelliverse should be the pricing structure. To use the Intelliverse service, all you need to do is sign up. The service is completely free. You can effectively track emails without spending a dime. The fact that it is free does not, in any way, compromise the product’s quality. 

Intelliverse Rating

Intelliverse got two ratings for its email tracker service (4.8) and sales acceleration features (3.0) on G2. Users like that it’s easy to navigate, and all the sales results are visible and available at any time. Besides, Intelliverse makes it possible to integrate different programs into one database.

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