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To ensure efficiency and productivity, Klenty offers its clients various services. And just in case you were wondering how good the sales tools and services are, you can always go through the Klenty reviews to find out more. That being said, the services offered by Klenty include outreach automation, intent-based sales strategy, and CRM integration.

  • Outreach Automation

With the use of Klenty's multichannel playbook, you will be able to get access to their outreach automation software. It means that you can reach out to all your clients with just a few clicks. With Klenty, you get a clutter-free email connected across several platforms to ensure that you know whom to reach and when to ping them. With this service, an automated follow-up system and outreach email software come to ensure rapid results. You can also add LinkedIn, calls, and emails to your sales sequences and switch through channels effortlessly. 

  • Intent-Based Sales Strategy

Cold mailing has plagued companies for ages and led to little to no results at all. However, with Klenty, you will be able to get an intent-driven sales strategy. Therefore, instead of that same old cold email to all your clients, you get an automated but personalized email to your prospects. That way, you can book more meetings and focus on your leads to turn them into clients. 

  • CRM Integration

With Klenty, you can work with different CRM tools to ensure maximum results. Boost your productivity through the use of Klenty and a CRM of your choice and watch as your sales grow rapidly. 


To get started with the quality services offered by Klenty, you need to know what their price tag is. For the Startup package, you will need $35, and for that price, you will get email cadences, API, Zapier, Gmail plugin, and mail merge. 

Next on the table is the Growth package pegged at $60 and gives you everything from the Startup package and cadence playbooks, multichannel reach, and CRM integrations. Besides, hot prospects, website tracking, and video personalization are also included in the Growth package. Lastly, for $100, you will get the Enterprise offer that comes with everything from Growth alongside IP-based login restrictions, monthly customer success reviews, and monthly delivery reports.


To wrap it up, Klenty has earned a 4.5 rating and the claim for being one of the best sales engagement tools. Using it alongside your CRM tool will ensure lucrative results.

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