2-10 Services has several features. Its diversities have allowed the product to reach peak popularity. 

  • Informative Dashboard has been described by most reviewers as clean and useful. The dashboard feature allows users to access all the essential tools from the service in one place. Besides, you have the opportunity to track real-time analytics. The number of opened emails, links, and replies is updated continually on the Mailtag dashboard. The feature also allows sales goals to be accessed through the dashboard.

  • Automated Email Follow-up

Every text should have a follow-up email regardless of whether it was opened or not. With the sheer volume of emails involved in email campaigns, it can be impossible to manually follow up on all of them. The automated email follow-up feature automatically sends emails following up on the sent texts. The best part is that the feature can be customized to follow up on selected email addresses. There is also a setting that allows you to schedule the period between follow-ups to avoid “stuffing up” potential clients.

  • Team Management 

Sales often require a team. helps sales executives to easily manage their teams. The management feature records statistics, which includes the number of emails sent and reply rates of individuals that are part of the team. The numbers are essential as a metric for measuring team member performance. As part of the team management feature, users have access to collaborative features.

  • Email Scheduling 

Sales experts have drawn up email timelines with the most efficient results. These guides are quite useful, but adhering to them manually can be complex. The email scheduling allows you to send emails at your preferred periods. With the email tracker feature, users are also able to check the delivery and open times for emails. 

Pricing is completely free. You won’t have to part with a single dime to use the service. It is also another reason why the product has been extremely popular in marketing circles. All you have to do is sign up for the service and enjoy its email tools.

Mailtag Rating

After checking the reviews, it’s clear that people like the plugin as it allows them to track, schedule, and follow-up the emails completely free of charge. Those who try Mailtag tools only once stay with the service for years as it really improves the workflow of the sales departments. On G2, got a 4.5 rating with a 9.3 ease of use and a super high 9.0 quality of support.

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Vocus is a Chrome extension that optimizes your Gmail outreach. It provides full-stack email functionality to your email campaigns. With Vocus, salespeople can set appointments, personalize messages, monitor and follow-up sequences, and more. This add-on easily integrates with your CRM and lets every teammate stay connected.


Email outreach is not just great - it elevates the entire sales perspective. There is no better tool to help with that than Yesware. Yesware is an email marketing tool that helps high-performing sales teams to boost their results. It ensures that companies not only have an email marketing strategy but a strategy that works and brings impressive results. It can all be attributed to the futuristic and state-of-the-art features that come with the service. Imagine Yesware Chrome extension was installed over 1.2 million times, and over 1k users rated it! Yesware add-on can be added right to your inbox and is available both for Outlook and for Gmail.


SendBlaster is a bulk emailer that helps sales professionals to push large volumes of emails as easily as possible. If you are involved in email marketing, you probably understand just how hard it is to run an email campaign and the number of emails that are exchanged during this campaign. Being able to send these emails in bulk with accuracy will save sales professionals a lot of work and, in turn, increase overall company profitability. It is exactly what SendBlaster does, and it does it very well based on the user reviews.

Cirrus Insight

When it comes to sales and reaching out to your clients, using emails is one of the most efficient ways. And to make sure that you do it in an orderly manner, there is no better tool to use than Cirrus. It is the all-in-one email sales marketing and management tool that has all that you could need and more when it comes to marketing your services.

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