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Mailbutler is an all-in-one tool that combines the impressive email templates, the features of scheduling and snoozing, following up, and managing sales teamwork using the unique Teams option. Have a complete inbox of messed emails? Then, you definitely need to check the services of Mailbutler to improve your email marketing and sales performance! 

  • Email Scheduling 

Email marketing is hinged on timing. If the latter is not right, the overall campaign certainly is compromised. Mailbutler helps overcome this by providing a flexible and easy-to-use email scheduling service. The service allows sales professionals to write emails and automate the sending process at a time of their choosing. It is essential as it greatly improves the delivery and open rates. As part of the email scheduling package, sales professionals can use Mailbutler to send emails in batches and single entities. It brings a new meaning to the whole productivity conversation.

  • Email Templates 

Writing emails, especially sales emails, can be quite cumbersome. Having a set of templates to help you around will not only make the process easier but, in turn, more productive. The best part is that the email template comes with user reviews. It means that you can select the best sample for your campaign based on the experience of sales professionals that have previously used the templates. There is also a lot of variety when it comes to the choice. It means that there is bound to be a template that fits snuggly with the message that you want to convey to your clients. 

  • Teams

The Teams feature that is part of the Mailbutler package makes collaborative efforts in sales not only easy but more effective. The feature means that the whole sales team can share templates, messages, and even email signatures. Teamwork always makes the dream work, and it is essential to what Mailbutler Teams does, but just for sales. 

  • Follow-Up and Snooze 

These are the two unique features of the Mailbutler plugin. The first allows you to automate follow-up emails and choose the best time to send in the first email and the succeeding follow-up emails. 

Interested in how to clean your email inbox? The snooze feature assists you in categorizing emails and grouping them in order of priority. It means that you won’t have to worry about important emails being stuck in the pile. With the feature, you can hide emails that are not essential and only allow the display of those that you deem as necessary. Talk about effective email management.


For $37.50/month per user, you can access the Mailbutler Business Package. The package includes the Mailbutler Teams feature, advanced email tracking insights, and extensive signature customization. The Business Package also comes with inbuilt CRM management. It means that you can manage customer relationships directly from your inbox. For a bit less, you can get the Professional package. It comes with everything but CRM management and Teams. There is also a free option available.

Mailbutler Review

With 52 reviews, a high rating of 4.4, and a special label of Winter High Performer 2022 on G2, Mailbutler’s performance is definitely higher than average. The users note their friendly and helpful customer support and the ease of its setup. What is more, the Mailbutler application is available for download both on iOS and Android.

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