Mailtrack Services

There are several services that Mailtrack offers to its users. Some of them include RealTime mailbox tracking to notify you how many times your email has been opened, link tracking, reminders, and a sent with Mailtrack signature, among many other features. However, the number of features you get will depend on whether you are using a free or paid version. Regardless of the version, you will need to make sure that you use the Mailtrack email tracker chrome extension.

  • Mailbox Tracking

With mailbox tracking, you get to know how many times your email has been opened. You will also get read receipts, daily mail tracking reports, monitored replies for unanswered emails, reminders, and the last read. While Mailtrack is a Chrome extension, it does not mean that you cannot use it on Firefox. Mailtrack will also be able to track your Gmail, should you choose to browse with Firefox. As for an email tracker for Mac, you cannot apply Mailtrack on your Mac, but you can use it on your iOS devices. 

  • Email Signature

Using the free version of the extension comes with the Mailtrack email signature. But for users who are using the paid version, the email signature will no longer be there.

  • Email Campaigns

Using Mailtrack, you will also have the liberty to engage in various email campaigns. Through the services, you are allowed to send emails to up to 200 contacts. 

  • CRM Integration 

One of the best services that come with using Mailtrack is CRM integration. For businesses, getting to know your customers is integral. And with Mailtrack, you can use any CRM tool of your choice as Mailtrack has been designed to ensure compatibility with all of them.


When it comes to pricing, for just $12 annually, you get the Mailtrack Pro version. With this version, you will get link tracking, full tracking history, and email support. But it does not come with the Mailtrack signature. For the Mailtrack Advanced version, you will need $30 annually. The advanced Mailtrack version comes with all the pro version features alongside group email individually tracked, PDF tracking certificates, campaigns, and reports.

Mailtrack Rating

To quote a Mailtrack review, they stated that “Mailtrack is the best when it comes to email tracking solutions”. It is part of the reason why Mailtrack io managed to get 4.5 stars on G2 based on 10 000 user reviews. Their rating comes as no shock as it is featured in Forbes, Lifehacker, and Product Hunt. The service is also used by professionals from organizations like Uber, Harvard College, and Yahoo.

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