Mixmax has been operating since 2014, and it's based in San Francisco, California. Its founders are Brad Vogel, Olof Mathé, and Chanpory Rith. 

Mixmax Services

Mixmax boasts many outstanding features like the side panel for previewing LinkedIn contacts widgets and buttons that you can add right in the email body. And here are several other functions Mixmax offers.

  • Email tracking

As soon as the recipient opens your email, you'll get an alert. Even if you send it to a group of people, Mixmax will let you know which of them engages with your message. This tool will notify the sender each time someone opens your email if they do it for the second or third time. 

  • Invisible copy and shared chats 

You can copy your colleagues into a cold or follow-up email, so they will get all the forwarded messages and see responses staying invisible to the external users. Any participant can initiate a chat available only for your teammates. This way, you'll be able to make collaborative decisions faster.

  • Email surveys 

Getting your recipients' feedback or collecting data is easy and catchy if done with the help of Mixmax's embedded surveys. Email polls will significantly increase the number of replies –– sometimes even up to 25%. And technically, this will only require a couple of clicks. Salespeople can even create group polls, for example, to plan events.

  • Beast mode for calling customers 

Mixmax lets sales reps call customers right from their Gmail account –– just choose the contact and dial. Call recording is optional and, once enabled, the logs are automatically uploaded to Salesforce. Calls are also available from Salesforce, and Mixmax syncs calls, tasks, and emails with this popular CRM. 

  • Simplify data entry into Salesforce

If a new contact appears in your Gmail inbox, Mixmax initiates its upload to Salesforce. You'll only need to add the missing information like phone numbers or roles. In addition to Salesforce, Mixmax can be integrated into various platforms like Pipedrive, Dropbox, Google calendar, Typeform, Greenhouse, and others. 

Mixmax Pricing

Mixmax offers a free plan with limited functionality. The Starter plan costs $9 per user per month. For the SMB option, you'll pay $24 per user per month, and for this plan, a 14-day free trial is available. The Enterprise plan works best for larger teams, and its price is customizable, so you need to contact Mixmax.

The top-level Growth plan benefits teams and costs $49 per user per month. However, you can save up to 25% if you pay 12 months in advance.   

Mixmax Review

Customers give this platform a 4.6 rating in G2 because Mixmax has several outstanding features: schedule sharing, email opening notifications, template collections, and integration with Salesforce. Many users find Mixmax an easy-to-learn and user-friendly platform.

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