RightInbox was founded in 2012, with its headquarters located in Great Lakes, Midwestern US. 

RightInbox Services

RightInbox offers plenty of opportunities for your emails, for example:

  • Postpone sending and receive reminders

Often, when we can send emails, it isn't quite comfortable for our recipients to read them. And with the RightInbox, you can just send them at any time. In addition to setting the day and time of sending your message, you can schedule reminders –– not to miss deadlines or do the follow-up. This way, salespeople won't lose any deals.

  • Craft email signatures 

Your email outreach can sometimes be more effective just because of your signature. So follow the context of every message with a different sign-off: choose your role before hitting the "Send" button and leverage this little marketing instrument.  

  • Add private notes

What if you could leave little reminders to yourself about each email you craft? For example, which conference you met this person at, takeaways of the meeting you had, or even the location and time zone. Or, probably, you have an idea you don't want to forget but are not ready to share yet? With RightInbox, you can make notes visible only to you.

  • Create email templates 

Have you noticed that one of your emails turned out to be super effective? Make it a template and enjoy your audience's engagement. Optimize your email outreach with pre-defined and structured messages that bring conversions and leverage them at scale. This way, you won't spend hours crafting every message. 

  • Send email sequences

Don’t miss the opportunity if your prospects don't respond to your emails. With RightInbox, you can set up the sequence that will land in your recipients' inboxes if they don't reply. However, the preset sequence automatically stops once you get the incoming email from them. 

  • Integrate emails with your CRM

Whichever CRM tool you choose, the RightInbox can be easily integrated with it –– and just with one click. So, you can have Gmail upgraded with CRM synchronization and use email threads without leaving your customer management system. 

RightInbox Pricing

You can get the Right Inbox for Gmail at no cost, as the RightInbox team offers this add-on for free. However, the number of postponed emails and reminders will be limited. But with the monthly fee of $7.95 or $5.95, once you pay for a year in advance, you get the full functionality. The company also offers plans for teams for $6.95 per user per month or $4.95 once paid annually. 

RightInbox Review

Customers like the RightInbox because they can track who engages with their emails and when they do it. Users get four functions with just one extension: setting reminders, scheduling the sending time, creating recurring emails, and using personal notes. So, automation of these tasks frees time for other critical assignments; that's why users give RightInbox four stars on G2.  

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