The company was incorporated in 2015 in India by Dhruv Patel, Piyush Patel, and two other co-founders. Its headquarter is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 

SalesHandy Services

Saleshandy offers many email-related possibilities to sales reps, and here's what this platform can help you do.

  • Avoid spam filters  

Saleshandy imitates human behavior when sending emails on your behalf, leaving different intervals between the messages, personalizing the content, and customizing the sending domain. This is very helpful for better outreach since Saleshandy helps your every email land in an inbox. 

Avoiding spam filters is crucial for your sender reputation, and this platform takes care of keeping your email domain reliable for every email provider and mail exchange server. Saleshandy allows incorporating placeholders (customized text like personal and company names) into email content. This makes each message unique for spam detection algorithms. 

  • Automate follow-ups

Set the follow-up email sequence for those contacts who leave your messages unanswered. Sales reps can customize follow-up messages to grow open and click-through rates with every email’s personalized content and subject lines.  

And with Saleshandy selling specialists shouldn't worry about bombarding their contacts with follow-up sequences once they activate this feature. That's because the system cancels the email threads once your potential buyer replies. 

  • Monitor recipients' engagement

Sales representatives can focus their efforts on the most engaged contacts. When a recipient opens an email or clicks on one of its links, the sender gets an immediate notification about this action. So, sales professionals can take prompt steps and maximize the possibilities of winning a deal.   

And multiple clicks on the same link tell sellers that the email was most probably forwarded, which is also beneficial. Salespeople can initiate a call to the recipient and ask for referrals, so the tracking feature is invaluable and really helpful in growing conversions.  

  • Keep all data in one app

Users can enjoy Saleshandy's integration with Gmail or Outlook. You only need to install the latest Chrome version to get compatibility. This platform also integrates with MS Office 10, 13, 16, Office 365, and Outlook. So, with Saleshandy, you won't have to change apps time and again, decreasing your effectiveness.  

SalesHandy Pricing

You'll find a free plan available that covers monitoring of email openings, scheduling of messages, and integration with Gmail. You can also leverage the 14-day free trial. The Regular option also offers tracking of team activity and mail merge for $9/month. 

The most popular Plus payment plan for $29/month is the best for medium teams. And for $49/month, you can get a dedicated manager for your Saleshandy account.

SalesHandy Review

Users like Saleshandy for its decent email opens and clicks tracking option, attentive customer support, and ease of configuration and setup. Getting real-time notifications about prospects' engagement allows salespeople to stay proactive and immediately contact interested leads. 

And the email campaign allows sales agents to prospect effectively while completing other tasks. And almost every Saleshandy review on G2 brings it four-star ratings.

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