SalesLoft was founded in 2011 by David Cummings and Kyle Porter. The company is based in Atlanta and employs over 500 people in its offices located in New York, San Francisco, London, and Guadalajara. Its CEO, Kyle Porter, a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology, has always been employee-oriented, probably explaining why SalesLoft was twice rated as the top workplace in Atlanta. 

SalesLoft raised $245.7 million from 14 investors, including Owl Rock Capital, Insight Partners, Emergence, HarbourVest Partners, and others. The startup acquired three organizations during 2018-2020: Noteninja, Costello, and InStereo. In December 2021, Vista Equity Partners acquired SalesLoft with a valuation of $2.3 billion. 

SalesLoft Services

This AI-driven tool is created to help salespeople effectively and timely interact with leads, potential, and current customers. With SalesLoft's Modern Revenue Workspace system, sales agents can monitor each account and never miss an opportunity to close a deal. Here are some of the most prominent features of this sales engagement platform.

  • Creating cadences and automating actions 

Cadences are sequences of predesignated actions that will automate nurturing of your leads. With every call and message tracked, you'll never miss any potential client. And it's great that you can customize cadencies with the set of dynamic fields and let the system remind you to call, send an email, set an appointment, or run a demo with prospects. 

  • Dialing and messaging 

SalesLoft allows sales agents to call and message potential buyers from your computer, smartphone, desk phone, or even third-party dialing solutions. And every call is processed and synced with SalesLoft and your CRM.

  • Sending emails 

You can either set up automated sending all messages from your outreach sequence or do some corrections before emails are sent. SalesLoft boasts integrations with many mail service providers and CRM. And once prospects open your messages, follow links, or respond, you get notified. 

  • Accessing successful playbooks

New salespeople get immediate access to resources that help make every sale effective. Sales plays that follow the best selling practices and techniques, together with the set cadences, help sellers personalize the customer experience of every prospect. 

  • Calendaring and appointment setting

Every personal calendar can be shared with SalesLoft to simplify meeting appointments. The system also offers inviting templates with all necessary information added automatically. And, you can leverage SalesLoft's compatibility with Outlook or Gmail to make invites easier. 

SalesLoft Pricing

You'll need to request a quote through the contact form on the Salesloft website as they don't show the pricing plans. 

SalesLoft Review

Users adore SalesLoft's cadences for their flexibility and value. Pre-set actions help get every account easily manageable, while the feed page shows buyers' activity. The real-time notifications about prospects' reactions to email outreach make it invaluable; that’s why this platform has a 4.5 rating from G2.

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