To ensure that they get the job done, there are several services that offers to you. Some of these include prioritizing emails, managing mail, do not disturb, email organization, and rediscovering lost connections, and saving services.

  • Email priorities

Through the use of this service from Sanebox, you get to focus on what matters the most to you. Since Sanebox works on an AI, you will first have to show it what to do, and it will then be able to do the rest. Therefore, with their email management tool, you can group your emails into folders to avoid distractions.

  • Email management will also offer you email management for unimportant mail. What we mean by this is there are times when your email gets spammed because of mass email service or the bulk email sender that other businesses may use. With Sanebox, you can quickly check these two to determine their noteworthiness or simply use the built-in assistant.

  • Do Not Disturb

Just like you can snooze your smartphone, you will also be able to do the same on your email if you wish. Set reminders of when you want to deal with them if you are too busy. You will need to stay sane after all and keep everything in check. Also, you can have emails arrive in your inbox when you need them by creating folders with dates on when you want to view the email. It is one of the top features of this Google mailing service.

  • Email organization

While email marketing is the core, there are times when your personal email gets too full of clutter. And that is where the email organizing service from Sanebox comes into play. You simply need to create folders for bills, receipts, deliveries, or anything else that you need to get sorted through, and Sanebox will proudly do the rest.  

  • Rediscovering lost connections and saving

Sanebox will also give the chance to sift through the emails to discover lost connections that somehow may have got caught up in all the clutter. Sanebox will allow you to save up any essential attachments that you would have in your email. 


There are three packages that Sanebox offers to its users. The first of which is Snack priced at $59 for a year. Next on the menu, we have Lunch that is charged at $99 per annum, and, lastly, there is Dinner, pegged at $299 a year. 


Sanebox has managed to earn a 5-star rating based on the product reviews. A Sanebox review recently stated that the Chrome extension and inbox mass mailer are parts of the leading features that attract clients. The service is used by lots of sales experts. Even some big companies like Adidas, eBay, Coca-Cola, and LinkedIn have professionals who highly recommend the service.

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