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Newsletter creation and customization, mailing list management, mass email sending, and detailed campaign result analysis make this tool complete to launch an any-size email campaign. 

  • Email Newsletter Creation

One of the most powerful features of email marketing is the newsletter. Creating it from scratch, though, can be quite a task. SendBlaster helps users write excellent newsletters using templates. There are several samples that you can use to increase your overall customer reach. SendBlaster also allows users to add images to newsletters. The picture formatting feature means that the images will perfectly fit into your email regardless of the platform used. The entire newsletter remains well-formatted and structured. Besides, you can also add any other media file of your choice as an attachment to the newsletters using SendBlaster

  • Mailing List Management 

Every email campaign is hinged on the mailing list. Its quality always determines the success or failure of an email campaign. For this reason, SendBlaster offers mailing list management services to help sales professionals ensure that their email marketing strategy is backed by a well-curated list of recipients.

The service includes features like segmentation. It allows sales professionals to change and correct email lists based on whatever metric they deem essential. There is also the integration feature, which allows one to add mailing lists to your browser or mailing application. It involves the import of email addresses and mailing lists. As part of the mail list management feature from SendBlaster, you can also include subscribing/unsubscribing forms in the bulk emails.

  • Bulk Email Sending 

It is the main feature that comes with SendBlaster. It allows sales professionals to send emails to up to 100 recipients for the free version and an infinite number on the paid version of the software. It is not just bulk email service, though. As part of the package, you also get data filters and return path addresses. That is not all: the email sending feature from SendBlaster also has bounce-back and blacklist management. Add to that the new contact mail filter feature, and you have the perfect emails sender software.


For $129, you can buy the SendBlaster Pro version. The 40-megabyte software comes with a lifetime license. There is a free version available if you do not want to spend money. But it comes with limited features. 

SendBlaster Review

The users wrote very positive reviews about their experience of using their service for mass email campaigns (both free and paid-membership users). They talked about their platform as basic but flexible, so the overall rating on G2 is 4.1.

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