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The services that Snovio offers go beyond the regular outreach email. They offer sales solutions and tools that guarantee results. To make sure that you find what you are looking for when dealing with Snovio, they have divided their tools into three main categories. These are sales solutions, chrome extension, and integrations. All this is done to ensure maximum lead engagement.

  • Sales Solutions

With the Snov sales services, you can find simple but effective solutions to your outreach email and marketing woes. Under this category of tools, Snovio offers you a sales CRM, technology checker, email finder, email drip campaigns, and email verifier. With these tools, you and your business are guaranteed to see results in no time.

  • Chrome Extensions

With the Chrome extensions, you will be able to work with Snovio tools, such as email tracker, email finder, and LI prospect finder. This part of Snovio tools focuses mainly on finding prospective customers that you will sooner be able to convert into clients. With this section of Snovio services, you can boost your business with more clients as the Snovio tools can also be used for B2B engagements. 

  • Integrations

Lastly, also offers integrations. Working with the above-mentioned tools, these integrations can further your reach and guarantee you bigger results.


The packages that are offered by Snovio start from the beginner to the XXL package. S is the smallest, and it is mainly for startups and solopreneurs, and it costs $39 a month. M is $99/month. Then, there is the L, charged at $189 per month; XL is $369/month. XXL is the last of the available packages created for agencies and enterprises. You have to pay $738 a month for it.


Used by CRM professionals from different companies in the world, Snovio offers marketing solutions that are top-notch and guarantee results. That is why they have earned a 4.5 rating for the excellent service.

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