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As we mentioned, Streak is compatible with Gmail as it is built and made to integrate seamlessly with it. That is why Streak email tracking for Gmail is the best CRM. Also, there is the Streak app that will be able to offer you the same number of services but on a smaller screen. With the Streak plugin, you never go wrong. That being said, some of the services that you will be able to enjoy from Streak include: email tracking, the mobile app, Google streak spreadsheet, and customer support services.

  • Streak email tracking

Get control of your email through Streak for Gmail tracking. With this in the palm of your hand, you have the power to see what exactly is going on in your email. You know if your emails have been read and at what time they have been read too. You get the information of whether they have been delivered, and if they haven’t, what the cause was. And the best part about Streak is that it can give you custom views of your pipeline so that you understand whom you are talking to as well as what to do next.

  • Steak Mobile App

Never miss a Streak email notification with the Streak mobile application! Work on the move to ensure an increased level of productivity. 

  • Streak Spreadsheet

With the Streak Google spreadsheet, you can import contacts to your machine. That way, you have all the sender’s information that you need with the touch of a button. 


Streak does come with a free package for those who want to use the service but don’t have the money to pay for it. The free plan comes with the basic CRM, mail merge, and email tracking. Next is the solo plan for $15 a month that comes with the same list of services as offered in the previous package but with larger numbers. The pro plan for $49 a month per user comes with advanced CRM, shared pipelines, and mail merge. The enterprise plan is $129 per month per user. It includes priority support, data validation, and customer permissions.


Streak offers the best CRM tool for Google, and it has managed to earn the partner of the year award from Google cloud. Many people across the globe use the Streak plugin, like Uber, TechStars, and We Work, to mention but a few. Streak acquired a 4.5-star rating on G2.

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Email marketing is part and parcel of every business. It is the core when it comes to getting the product across as well as for communication purposes. However, as much as email sending services are the core, your mail can easily get crowded and cluttered. It is easy to lose your sanity while trying to order it, which is why we have Sanebox. What Sanebox email will do is it will manage all your emails and sort them out for you depending on priorities that you will pick for yourself. And the best part about Sanebox is that it can be used anywhere and on any machine. One does not need to download anything to use it. So, whether you use Google mailing or Outlook, Sanebox is an email management tool that you can apply with them.


Email marketing is an integral part of any business. That is why it exists. It allows companies to reach their prospective clients through email, and there is no better tool to help you with that task than Gmass. The Gmass extension is the perfect means to assist you with email marketing if you use a Gmail account, but what is Gmass? Gmass is a Gmail plugin that allows you to send email marketing materials and email automation campaigns straight from your Gmail account.

Mailtag is an email marketing service that allows email tracking, automated follow-up, and scheduling. The reason why Mailtag stands out is the fact that the service does all those as a Chrome extension rather than a bulky standalone application. Email marketing is not only the future; it has already become an essential feature of present sales and marketing. Tools like have managed to elevate the growth of email marketing. Mailtag works with both Gmail and G-Suite accounts. It is one of the main reasons for the product's popularity on the sales scene.


Salesloft is a revenue-driving platform that assists sellers with entering data in a CRM, email tracking, call recording, and generating accurate real-time reports. Salespeople from giants like IBM, Cisco, Shopify, and many more prefer this platform to other outreach software, including various features for effective communication with customers and sales optimization.

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