Vocus.io Services

  • Track recipients' reactions 

With Vocus.io, you'll know about every interaction with your email in real-time. When your prospects open it or follow the links, you'll get immediate notification on a dashboard. Vocus.io can even forward those notices to your smartphone or Slack. This is the right moment to call your prospect to have a more detailed talk. 

  • Automate follow-ups

Vocus.io offers a solution for your non-responsive recipients –– setting automated follow-up email sequences. You only need to create a personalized set of messages, and the tool will send them according to the schedule. In your outbox, follow-up emails will look exactly like your normal ones. However, before sending another reminder, Vocus.io checks for replies from the recipient. And once it finds an email received later than the first outbound message, it stops the follow-ups.   

  • Create convertible email templates

You often need to duplicate several parts of your emails as a salesperson. These can be, for example, lists of products or even signatures. With Vocus.io, you can add that list under the keyword "product list" (make a snippet) and choose it from the drop-down menu every time you refer to your products. With one snippet, you can copy-paste text and subject lines and send time.

  • Add intelligent reminders 

Whether it's an incoming or outgoing email, you can attach reminders to it and set the time of when they should appear in your inbox again. This great option can also help once you, for example, don't get a reply for three days. All messages with notes migrate to the "Snooze" folder, so you can always look through them or cancel the notifications.

  • Schedule sending

To maximize the engagement with your email, you can leverage email scheduling with Vocus.io. Set specific time and date, input the natural-language text, or set relative time –– the platform will understand you. And, of course, you can always open the "Send Later" outbox with scheduled emails to edit time or cancel sending.

  • Use Branded URLs

You can specify the domain name for every link in your email. These can be links with product lists, subscription links, etc. And while most tools track email activities by their own generic links with their own (external) domains, Vocus.io offers to grow your credibility and domain reputation with customizable branded URLs.

Vocus.io Pricing

Vocus offers a 30-day free trial. And, if you like the service, you can get one of the three monthly subscriptions: Basic ($5/mo), Starter ($10/mo), and Professional ($20/mo). These plans allow users to connect up to 10 Gmail or Google Workspace accounts. But in case you need more, Vocus.io offers a Growth Plan with external SMTP support for $80/month. And you can cancel any plan anytime. 

Vocus Review

Vocus reviews on G2 give a 4.3 rating to this web extension due to its easy setup and time-saving snippets. It's also popular because of its compatibility with Salesforce.

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