Yesware Services 

Over the years, Yesware has added a plethora of features: free email address tracker, meeting scheduling, automation, analytics. It has helped the company stand out in the email marketing service providers market.

  • Yesware Email Tracking and Automation

Email marketing means that there is going to be so much traffic that it is very possible to lose emails in transit. It makes it essential to track specific emails. Yesware allows you to do just that. The company has one of the best email tracking systems on the Internet. With this, salespeople can put tags on specific emails and track the delivery and opening rates. It is an important element when it comes to analytics. With Yesware, you also get efficient and accurate email automation. The system allows email scheduling and automated email replies. Amazing, right?

  • Meeting Scheduling

With businesses migrating to online platforms, there is a need to make marketing arrangements easier and more efficient. The meeting scheduling feature from Yesware does just that. It allows users to integrate Yesware with their calendars and help email recipients choose the time that works best for them based on their schedule. That is a level of convenience that is not quite common in the present day. It is also possible to integrate Yesware into Zoom. It means that with the service, you can send emails with invites that have all the meeting invite details. Yesware allows you to create the perfect invite.

  • Reporting and Analytics

Sales are all about numbers. That is why Yesware allows you to get the best analytics on your results. The feature compiles open rates, the number of links opened, meetings scheduled, and reply rates. It means that when you decide to judge and analyze the success of your email campaigns, there is statistical data to help in coming up with a verdict. To add to that, the features also have a clean graphical presentation. It means that the data is easy to comprehend and, essentially, simple to analyze. 


For $15, you can access the basic Yesware plan. It includes unlimited email and link tracking and a personal attachment report. The plan which only works for solo salespersons is the catch. For multiple users, there is the Enterprise plan. It requires a $65 fee per seat. As part of the package, you get bi-directional sync, a dedicated success manager, and customized training. If you are just starting, you can always go for the free feature, which is accessible at absolutely no cost. 

Yesware Rating

When it comes to rating on G2, Yesware got an astounding result: 4.4 based on 744! reviews. What is more, it has got the title of Leader of Winter 2022. Users adore their impeccable email tracking system and the quality of support Yesware provides.

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