1st Leads Inc. was founded in 2012. It is a US-based lead generation company located in Methuen, MA.

The core mission of the 1st Leads team is to help B2B businesses generate lots of highly qualified and targeted sales leads. Apart from that, the company also offers a range of additional services. It helps businesses with appointment setting, content syndication, and event registration. Also, it offers professional call center solutions to help businesses save their reps’ time without compromising on the results.

1st Leads Services

  • Appointment Setting
    First and foremost, 1st Leads focuses on helping its customers build up their sales pipelines. The company helps arrange appointments with the right decision-makers to help you reach your business goals.
  • Content Syndication
    One more thing the team of 1st Leads can do for businesses is to help them get more exposure to their brands across numerous online platforms. The company puts your marketing content in front of the key decision-makers who have the potential to become your new customers.
  • Event Registration
    1st Leads can help you get the information about your event right in front of your prospects’ eyes to boost attendance and ensure the best outcomes. The team of 1st Leads will help to market your events with ease.
  • Call Center
    One more service type offered by 1st Leads is the call center. The company helps businesses save their team’s time by outsourcing cold calling and related issues to well-trained specialists. The 1st Leads team can cope with calling for you and help you get the most benefits in the form of new prospects and more b2b outside sales.
  • List Services
    1st Leads employs a professional data team that can deliver handy list services to your business. The company combines cutting-edge technology, effective tools, and the expertise of its professionals to help its customers build highly-targeted B2B lead lists. With 1st Leads, you can get the title- and role-based lists perfectly tailored to your ideal customer profile.

1st Leads Pricing

If you study the website, you will not find too many specific details. Most likely, according to the 1st Leads pricing policy, the cost of their services is calculated individually based on the clients’ unique situation and individual needs. In fact, there is nothing on the website to confirm this. But the 1st Leads pricing is not being disclosed, which is logical. Likely, there are just no fixed rates for the company’s services.

1st Leads Review

On the website, the company doesn’t share a single 1st Leads review. Despite the company’s young age, we would think it should have at least some testimonials, but, for some reason, they don’t share them.

If you surf through the web looking for a review on 1st Leads, you will not find much info. There is some feedback, both positive and not really good. But, there are too few reviews to make any actual conclusions. However, the company’s rating on Google, in particular, is pretty bad - only 1.0 stars out of 5.

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