ADS Global is a well-known company with a not-so-well-known background. The company operates an e-Contact center and is engaged in delivering a full cycle of call center, lead generation, and data services.

ADS Global is created to help B2B cleanse, standardize, and enrich their contact data, generate lots of new leads, and deliver high-quality customer support. The core mission of the company is to help businesses automate and streamline their everyday activities and, at the same time, ensure growth and brilliant results.

ADS Global Jamaica employs over 400 professionals in the fields of IT, data operations, supervision, customer support, and others. Their main office - ADS Global Montego Bay, together with other sales and account management offices located in Miami, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and San Diego, is reported to have 15,000 square feet of office space.

ADS Global Services

  • Integrated Contact Center
    ADS Global employs a large number of experienced call center agents and offers businesses to leverage their expertise for ensuring better customer journeys and better results. The company’s integrated contact center offers a full range of outbound and inbound services that strive to help you enhance the process of customer acquisition and retention. ADS Global helps you deliver impeccable customer service through a variety of channels including calls, email, chat, and SMS text messages.
  • Audience & Data Services
    Another group of services offered by ADS Global is designed to help businesses manage their data and audience the right way. The services inherent in this group include audience management services, integrated database development, as well as data entry and subscription fulfillment.
  • Lead Generation
    Finally, ADS Global offers B2B sales lead generation businesses to use a range of additional services, all created to help companies fill their sales pipelines with lots of qualified sales leads. The services include web-enabled sales & customer support, technical support, market research & customer value management, database marketing services, interactive sales & customer support, email & regular mail processing, social Media list generation & customer interaction, and outbound email campaigns. All these services are meant for generating lots of new leads (which have the potential to convert) through various channels.

ADS Global Pricing

The company doesn’t provide much information about itself, so it is not surprising that ADS Global pricing also remains undisclosed. According to Clutch, working with this service provider requires a min. project size of $1,000 or bigger.

However, such a lack of information is still not a good thing. After all, every new customer is probably wondering what is the ADS Global pricing policy. And when they don’t find the answer, they leave.

ADS Global Review

Compared to most of its competitors, ADS Global obviously doesn’t provide enough information about the company. It can feel really overwhelming, not being able to find a single customer ADS Global review on the Internet.

The only ADS Global review you can come across is the anonymous feedback left by one of the company’s former or existing employees. The review is posted on Glassdoor and gives the company a 3-star rating, which is not a good result.

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