Allied Global BPO started in 2002 in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Today, the call center has already significantly expanded and features 5 sites with over 2,500 seats in Guatemala. Apart from that, there is one location in the Philippines and two locations in Honduras. Moreover, the company even has several branches across the United States, including Allied Global Johnstown PA and Allied Global services Kansas City.

Allied Global BPO is serving B2B USA businesses of all shapes and kinds, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, helping them grow and achieve their business goals. Allied Global BPO focuses on delivering multi-lingual solutions both in the B2B and B2C sectors. Some of the company’s key services include inbound & outbound sales, tech support, customer care, QA, IT services, and back office.

Allied Global BPO is the outsourcing service provider with a focus on the clients’ needs. The company’s solutions are customized and tailored to the specific needs of every customer.

Allied Global BPO Services

  • Sales
    The Allied Global call center helps businesses drive more inbound and outbound sales through optimizing every call and helping to convert the newly acquired business leads into sales-ready prospects.
  • Customer Care
    One more service available at Allied Global BPO is customer care. The company has over 5,000 trained agents ready to help you make your customer interactions more effective than ever by delivering the best customer experience.
  • Technical Support
    Apart from the regular customer care, Allied Global BPO can also provide your clients with top-notch tech support. The company offers businesses to outsource all types of tech-assistance calls to its experts.
  • IT Services
    Among all Allied Global services available to businesses, there is also a number of IT solutions. The company’s IT services include IT staffing solutions, DevOps services, web accessibility services, web design services, and B2B lead generation marketing services.
  • Quality Assurance
    Allied Global BPO also offers you the pro help of its QA team. The company will help monitor and assess all channels of customer interactions you use and deliver insightful QA reports that will aid in customer acquisition, customer retention, revenue increase, customer experience, etc.
  • Back Office
    Finally, Allied Global also offers its customers all-round Back Office support. This offer includes a wide range of services, including order entry, data entry, analytics, processes & procedures, reporting & metrics, new product integration, and others.

Allied Global BPO Pricing

To get a rough idea about Allied Global BPO pricing, it is necessary to request a quote directly from its reps. Otherwise, you won’t find any details on the website.
On different reviewing platforms, the details concerning Allied Global BPO pricing are also undisclosed. The only resource that gives us at least some details is Clutch. From this source, users can learn that the minimum project size at Allied Global BPO is $1,000.

Allied Global BPO Review

On the Allied Global BPO website, there are no customer reviews at all.
What about reviews on external resources? The company’s account is available at some trusted platforms with customer feedback like Clutch and G2. However, this is not very helpful since on Clutch, there is not even a single Allied Global BPO review and on G2, there is only one comment.

The only Allied Global BPO review, which is available on G2, rates the company with 4.0 stars. It can be called neither negative nor positive, more like neutral feedback.

However, if you dig deeper, you can find more testimonials on the web. There are many positive comments, as well as some neutral and a few negative ones.

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